Monday, April 12, 2010

Boosting Up!

Because sometimes we rush things and sometimes we moms just forget about the lapse of time and suddenly realize there's a change that we should have made several months ago...

I suddenly realized last weekend that our children were both fully capable of being loaded into Booster seats using just the provided lap/shoulder belt in our vehicles. Lily already had a full-back booster with the lap/shoulder belt, but Jonah was still in the converter/booster seat with the harness straps. I simply had forgotten to check both my children's height and weight for some time to see that they met the new requirements.

I also found that both kids could be in those booster seats without the back, provided that the vehicles they ride in have headrests. They all do. So, both of my kids are riding in style like very official "Big Kids" in the back of our minivan.

Of course, changes lead to a mama reveling at the new stage and the ease in which car seat transfer will be made available between our two vehicles. It also is that faithful reminder of stages and phases that we walk along in the journey of motherhood.

And for Lily, it's just another reason to ask me when she can FINALLY ride without any type of additional seat.

All too soon, my dear.

But then, unless she goes through a major growth-spurt any time soon, it will be MUCH LONGER than she cares to know before she can make the big graduation.

I don't think she needs to know that right now though.


  1. How fun! I love when they graduate to this booster and can buckle themselves in!

  2. My bigger boys still ride in full-on car seats in my car and have booster seats in my hubby's car. I do like the real car seats for long trips so that their head has something to lean against when they fall asleep, but maybe it's time I let them grow up a bit too :)

  3. We have the high-back boosters. Love them. Great for the extra cushion and a place to lay their little heads on long trips. Also, I am nervous about going without the back - where did you read that it was okay?

  4. FUN!!! I have held both kids back thus far, keeping them out of the next seat even though they'd be just fine.

    I have a bit of paranoia when it comes to carseats. Imagine bring paranoid?! :)

  5. I hear you ladies on the full carseats too. That was my long debate and why I figured I'd put it off...until now. They both seem pretty much ready for them. I do agree that they would be a plus for the long car rides/naps, but we rarely take any huge treks and Lily NEVER sleeps in the car any more and Jonah seems to be able to adjust and get comfy either way.So we figured we'd try this option.

    Stacey, I got the info. I think from a pamphlet and some other paperwork I picked up at our local county Public Health office where they had all of the state guidelines and regulations listed as well. Not sure if there is a website out there for it though too.


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