Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reunited At Last

My old friend has arrived safely. And never have I wanted to hug that delivery man in brown more than I did the other day!

After my computer decided that it needed a (well deserved) break, my heart froze. How would I get through the day? What about all of my 'stuff' on there? What if it couldn't be retrieved? What if I sent it in and it came back working, but everything lost? What then?

It seems silly now, but at the time it was a source of much stress. You know what though? I survived. And I waited. I used my iPod Touch to do what I NEEDED to do. Nothing more. But oh how I missed my beloved bookmarked websites!

And then, the man in brown appeared and brought back my big, bulky friend. The screen seemed so huge. My fingers seemed out of shape after being confined to the small typepad on the iPod. I started the computer, bracing for the worst and yet hoping for the best. And there it was, EVERYTHING. My photos, my documents, my bookmarks, my Inbox. Thankfully, 'James', the computer wizard-man, took care of my dear friend and left everything where I could find it. Sweetness!

What did I learn during those two weeks?

1. I seriously need to back EVERYTHING up on my computer so that I don't go through that heartache again!

2. The computer also holds my brain and has a lot of my stuff there. I depend on it A LOT. That's probably not good.

3. And while technology is great, I was able to read several books during my brief computer hiatus. It felt so good to sit and read again!!

4. I can survive. I did survive. It wasn't really all that bad.

Dear friends, I am glad to be back to blogging, commenting and reading all of you back on full screen again! You all look so wonderful and many of you have made some very cute new changes on your blog layouts/backgrounds. Perhaps it's time for a little winter modification on my end. We'll see.


  1. Glad to see you back! That's great that they were able to save all the pics and documents!

    I've had to send my old laptop in before and lost everything. So now I backup everything I want to keep (like some pictures and documents) either on a cd or thumbdrive.

  2. Welcome back!!

    During my Advent hiatus, I learned that A)blogging is a wonderful outlet and B)I also get much more done when I'm not blogging

    It's all about the balance for me. Glad you're back!!

  3. Happy you are back!

    When praying for Hazel last night, Katherine (my 7 year old) asked me who she was and I explained who you were and she asked if you had kiddos and I said yes, in fact you have a little girl named Lily, and she's the same age, and her first reaction was "that's the name of my daughter, can we play together sometime?" Her doll ($24 American girl knockoff is named Lily Lucy)

    The "daughter" part threw me for a loop.


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