Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking For An Upgrade

Mommy's Monday Ego Booster #64:

Shouts Boy, who has just been reprimanded for unkind words toward Sister:

"I want to be adotered by different people so that I can be the boss and do everything myself."

Confused Mom:

"You want to be a doctor? Are you going to be able to cook for yourself if I'm not there?"

Angered Boy:

"No! I want to be ADOCTED by OTHER PARENTS!!!"

She finally gets it:

"Oh, you want to be ADOPTED."

So, I guess he's looking for an upgrade. Any takers??

Actually, this a fairly common occurance these days. Not the adoption request, but the wish for leniency. Jonah has developed a soft spot as of late. When the parental voice becomes slightly elevated, he covers his ears and the water works begin. He doesn't like being shouted at. In reality, our tones are far from shouting. I guess our raised tones are an in-your-face reminder of his wrong doing and he'd rather it go unnoticed and forgotten.

It's a tough spot to be in, trying to discipline and yet get around his tender heart at the same time. Another hurdle in parenthood to jump over and work through. Of course, having been labeled 'sensitive' for a certain portion of my formative years, I can completely sympathize with the little guy.


  1. We have the sensitive ones too, and I do go a little easier on them because I can empathize. They still get disciplined, but I'm not as loud about it ;)

  2. Scooks is very similar, and esp. sensative lately with Daddy so busy with work and school. I am trying to be empathetic as well, but I often find myself saying, "I'm not trying to hurt your feelings Hun, but that's life." I often struggle with finding the balance between trying to toughen her skin, but also leaving that little heart tender.

  3. Your sensitivity Sarah and Reed's stubborness....good combination! haha........Sue

  4. Oh I forgot to tell you, tell him Bruce will adopt him, then see how long it takes him to change. We did that often with our works!!! Sue

  5. I'll trade you your boy for a girl, we have plenty!!!

    haha, just kidding. I was actually thinking specifically the girl that has more than once asked to go to an "orphanage"!!

    She wants to stay though, now. Of course, mama had to paint a ugly picture of orphanages and how nice she has it here, even though she has to pick up toys.

  6. My son used to cry when he heard us yell. So I gave him a warning with my "nice Voice" and threatened to use my "mean voice" as he labelled it. He had a choice: do what I say or else I use my mean voice. It works sometimes but with my son I tend to have to yell or make a loud clap to get his attention


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