Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun(ny) Competition

Since the Christmas addition of our newest family member, Wii, we have been enjoying lots of time in our living room (it is the dead of winter, after all). Using Christmas money I received, we added it's friend, the Balance Board, as well.

We've been sure to set limits and keep all things in healthy moderation. I'd read for months many other bloggers who had this in their home and we took a long hard look at every aspect of it before considering the purchase. But seriously, can I tell you how much we enjoy Wii? I've even incorporated it as part of the kids exercise/physical education during school. The fact that using the Wii Fit Plus provides stretching and balancing exercises that even my little ones can try, is an added bonus. At first, we enjoyed the Sports games and the Carnival Games a lot. But since adding the Board, it's all about the KungFu, Obstacle Course, Running and Hoola Hooping to name a few of the favorites. Did I mention that mommy can even do her exercising on here?

This week, the kids noticed that daddy gets to use the Wii the least due to him being gone all day. It showed when they opened up the Wii Plaza and we all saw that although our little Mii's were full of energy and jumping up and down, daddy's was drooping and sleeping. We felt bad and realized that we needed to get Reed's Mii in tip-top shape again.

And so, last night began a new family time tradition, Wii Wednesday!! This way, we'll be sure to set aside some time for family fun and competition. It proved to be just that. Lily has been declared All-Time-Wii-Coach (or shall we say, 'boss'). She stood there alongside each of us on a number of the games and told us when to extend, run, walk and watch out! She's a Pro, that one. Of course, you couldn't have this type of competition without laughing. Albeit, sometimes laughing AT someone in this case. It's a hoot when you sit back and watch others doing some of this stuff! And sometimes, your kids think the way you do a certain activity looks so funny that they call you Mr. Tumnus (you know, from Chronicles of Narnia), because when you 'run' through the Obstacle Course your feet on the Board sound a lot like the way his hooves sound when he's stomping the snow off of them!

That's okay. It's all in good humor and in the name of fun-filled family time.


  1. Isn't hula hooping on the Wii so fun to watch!! I almost pee my pants watching everyone try to do it ;) And I think my Mii is probably dead, that's how little I play. I love the idea of a family Wii night, I'm going to start that too :) Thanks!

  2. Hilarious!! Sounds like a blast. This is one of my dream purchases. Someday:)

  3. This post was funny! Yes, one of our future purchases too, my hubby swears there are so many changes planned for Wii this year, he wants to wait til next year.


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