Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In Search Of....

...Snack Ideas!!

I know I have some VERY smart ladies who follow me here. I also know that there are many of you who are frugal mamas. You also try your best to provide healthy choices for your children.

Sometimes I get in a snack time slump. You know, when it's just easier to open up a box of Teddy Grahams or store bought Granola bars and call it a 'snack'? I would love to offer better homemade options, since I am at home and can take the time to make and create good snacking options for my family. Still, I like to keep snacks easy and quick. That's where you come in!

What recipes do you have? Where do you find recipes? What are your favorite websites that help you out?

This Munching Mama and my Little Bears eagerly await your suggestions!


  1. Muffins are a favorite around here. I like them because I can use healthy ingredients (bananas, pumpkin, apples, etc.). Air popped popcorn is a healthy treat too. And my kids just adore fruit cut up, because you know, banana circles are so much cooler than eating a banana the right way ;) We also make smoothies with just yogurt and fruit.

    I LOVE America's Test Kitchen's recipes, but they are not the healthiest. I usually just go to the Food Network to get a recipe idea and then tweak it to be a bit healthier (1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 half white flour, for ex.). I'd love to see the list you come up with as I need help too!

  2. I just posted my new favorite low-fat muffin recipe on my blog. But I also have recently found many recipes from here: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/home.aspx
    We were going through a dry spell with recipes and food around here in general and then I discovered the Kraft site. I loved it so much I ordered their magazine.

    #1 plain or vanilla yogurt with frozen fruit mixed in. We obviously let the fruit thaw before eating, or stick it in the microwave. And for an extra treat, we put granola or crushed graham crackers on top.

    #2: Fruit smoothies. Again…yogurt and frozen fruit. Add a few ice cubes, throw in the blender, and my kids go to town (not knowing it is healthy).

    #3: The veggie tray. I recently bought a veggie tray that is always kept in the fridge. I try to keep at least 3 different kinds of veggies in there at a time so they don't get sick of the same old thing. I let them dip in ranch dressing, hummus, or peanut butter to keep them downing those veggies.

    #4: Shredded cheese melted in a tortilla and then rolled up...they love their own little "cheese tacos."

    #5: Snack mix with almonds, Craisins (unless dried fruit is on sale) and chocolate chips or m&m's. They think it's a big treat b/c chocolate is involved...but yet they get protein and fruit helpings:) I love carrying this one with us on errands.

    Good luck!!! Have fun!

    PS - Remember that when you're on Metformin too and food doesn't sound appealing to you, it's hard to be enthusiastic about feeding the kids. While I was on Metformin, I felt that just looking at food and feeding the kids something semi-healthy was a huge accomplishment in itself.

  3. Sometimes just adding something to those crackers is good too, like
    peanut butter to any cracker,
    peanut butter to celery
    cinnamon toast
    peanut butter on apple slices
    cheerios and yogurt covered raisons
    applesauce in those little snack packs, my kiddos love those!

    sliced bananas with a dollop of whip cream and cin/sugar sprinkled on top

    That's all off the top of my head, my ideas are boring, I'm sure.

    Love the new header picture, beautiful!

  4. Oh, yeah, if you ever get to Sam's Club, they sell big containers of almonds pretty cheap (for what you get) and I give a couple Tbsp of nuts to the kiddos, they love nuts.

  5. We get stuck in a cracker rut, too! I found a recipe we love for snacks at My Kitchen Cafe. They're peanut butter balls made from leftover crunched up cereal, pb, honey, powdered milk, and choc chips. We love them, and they'll stay good in the fridge for several days so it's just as easy to grab a few of those compared to some crackers.

    Here's the link: http://mykitchencafe.blogspot.com/2009/01/peanut-butter-crunch-snack-balls.html

    I'm loving all the other suggestions you've gotten!

  6. Yum, yum, yummy!! Thanks to all of you, I have been filling the kids (and myself!) with many of your suggestions. We've had such healthy snack times!! Thank you Ladies.


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