Monday, January 25, 2010

Love This Author

I find myself regularly (and especially during the winter months) reaching for a good book. Admittedly, sometimes it's awfully tough to find an author who takes the moral high-road and sticks to just good 'ol fashion, well written fiction. You know, something that doesn't involve innuendos, obscenities or other moral indiscretions.

I enjoy reading and always have since my childhood. Although my quiet reading times are fewer and far between since motherhood, I like my time to be used wisely. I want a page-turner, something that I want to come back to enjoy.

I have found that the author, Richard Paul Evans, always delivers. His writing appeals to my tastes and each of his novels inspires and gives me that 'feel-good' that I need after a busy day at home. I have been a loyal follower of his and eagerly anticipate each of his releases.

I received his latest, The Christmas List, as a gift and while the four of us spent a weekend sick with the flu it allowed me extra time to read it. Again, Mr. Evans did not disappoint. After his obituary is mistakenly printed in the local newspaper, James Kier realizes how many people wished he were gone and that others' perceptions of his life was not at all what he expected. He realizes that he hurt many people in his life all out of his pursuit of money and prestige. He decides to try and make amends to a list of people who he mislead and disregarded while merely 'taking care of business' and rising to fame.

This book was a reminder of the need for amends and forgiveness while journeying through life and that the decisions we make affect so many different lives.

I highly encourage giving his novels a try. I'm sure you can find a whole treasure trove of them at your local library.

How about you? What do you enjoy reading? Who is your favorite author?


  1. My MiL loves him!! Sometimes I read some of her books while we are visiting, but I never get to finish them ;)

    Um, as far as what I read....if I can get through a magazine, I am a happy camper. Well, and blogs of course!

  2. My MIL also loves him!! Every year I buy her a book and it's usually one of his that is on her list!

    Not much time for reading these days, lots of started books though!

  3. I like his books also. Not much time to read lately. Mostly spiritual books. But, I do remember reading quite a few Og Mandino books and really liking them. See what you think.


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