Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nonessential Living Tip #41

You remember how I am no fitness guru, right?

Except that sometimes I pretend that I maybe am.

In recent months I found out this crazy trick that helps me push myself a little harder and run a little longer when in the midst of a workout.

I know, stop the presses everyone!!



Yes, gum. 

Specifically Trident Spearmint flavor. 

I was amazed a while back when I discovered it and even text Colleen to see if I was totally crackers. It's not that it's some miracle and makes workouts super easy. I assume it has something to do with it keeping my focus or maybe creates more saliva or something really scientific, therefore making it beyond my comprehension. 

After struggling with getting back in the running groove over the winter, gum somehow helped put me over the hump. I even tried different flavors and the spearmint worked the best.

As long as I keep chomp, chomp, chomping on my gum I am like Superwoman.

Even if it is the weirdest oddity I have discovered to date, I don't care. It totally works for me and keeps me moving. 
I wonder if I can convince my husband to consider buying stock in Trident? 

How about you? Do you have an inexplicable (exercising/workout related or not) tip to share?


  1. This is SO ironic, but I've been do the exact same thing for years and it has worked wonders for me! It's lovely being able to relate to someone. And yes, spearmint is my favorite too.

  2. I have nothing to add to this conversation regarding exercise.
    I'm just here to say hi and I love ya!
    I did walk down to the mailbox today.
    Baby steps. Baby steps. : )

    1. Ha!! I didn't add much to the conversation either...I did run up and down the stairs a few times though....

  3. I'm thinking it's the mint flavor that makes it feel easier to breathe? I know I told you this back when you first told me about your gum discovery, but I used to run with a cough drop in my mouth for the same reason. So weird!

  4. It's a control thing...having that gum to hold onto. It's your constant. (isn't that from some movie?)

    Kind of cool though...do you know if I chew the gum, will it make me want to start running?


  5. Ok, no tips, but I've added Trident Spearmint to my shopping list in hopes it'll make me want to stick with exercising so I can turn it into a routine. Right now its just hit and miss.


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