Sunday, April 27, 2014

Popes, Saints, And Sundaes

Today was a great day to be a Catholic, don't you think?

Oh my goodness gracious.

As if Divine Mercy Sunday isn't a really great feast in and of itself, we packed up a Pope sandwich and brought in along to the feast. When we celebrate, we really celebrate.

Am I the only one who just had the revelation that these two Pope are now SAINTS? As in their holy card photos will have halos behind their heads. I can't wait to see them!

Many years from now we'll remember this day. I'll remember going to Sunday Mass with my family and taking in the Easter glory. 

I'll recall sitting in front of the computer watching the canonization via the internet many hours past it's live occurrence, but feeling it as if I were there. I hope to remember the captivated three year old mesmerized by watching her buddy, Pope Francis. She kept watching with an occasional smile and would remark "I just love Pope Francis. He's so cool. And awesome."

Of course, I'll remember the double Popes. The two who became Saints and the two who were there that day at their canonization.

You must know how my heart leapt when I watched my Benedict come out. 

Or again how it soared when the two stole away an embrace. 

You remember how that makes me giddy, right? Every.single.time.

I will also remember my family's short pilgrimage at the 3 o'clock hour to our small church. The quiet church that swallowed up our every prayer and echoed the cries of the cranky toddler. Alone we prayed, but we were united with so many across the miles that had offered prayers for Divine Mercy and in thanksgiving for our new Saints.

Adding to our feast day, as a family we also made our Marian Consecration that we had been preparing for this Lent.

There in the familiar place, next to Jesus and at the feet of Mary, we interceded and prayed to our newest Saints.

It was a good day. A very good day.

As good Catholics, we celebrated and feasted. We finished our day with a special dessert which, of course. contained symbolism:  Divine Mercy Sundaes (Thanks to Catholic Icing for the idea).

(minus cherries because we just don't do cherries at our house)

Now it is evening and I'm tired from this very big Catholic celebration. 

How about you? Did you do anything special to commemorate this day? 


  1. I adore you, you know.
    The genuine love you have for our faith...
    The way you share it with us and inspire me to be a much better Catholic...
    The love of faith you are installing in those young children of yours...
    Yes, I adore you.
    Flynn and I actually watched it in the wee hours of the morning...
    She woke. Promptly at 3:30.
    At almost 4:00, she asked for a light.
    I turned on the news was on...
    And guess what was happening!
    Yes, my girl and I watched a blessed event together in the quiet of the early morning. I will never forget it. : )
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  2. Oh Sarah! What a beautiful and memorable way to embrace and celebrate your Catholic faith especially on this very important day!! I love it. May God shower you with abundant blessings! And I know Mary embraces you and your lovely family in her mantle as well! Love those sundaes. Happy feast day...happy blessings!

  3. Beautiful post Sarah!!

    We just stopped our Direct TV so I wasn't able to watch...been trying to cut down on media too. I'm feeling a little left out because I didn't watch it on TV...

    We did the St Mary's thing, it was beautiful. My daughter Clare went with, the others stayed was a really long thing...1-4. 3 priests gave talks and each prayed the chaplet...while Jesus was exposed in the Blessed Sacrament and priests were hearing confessions all over. It was wonderful. Clare, after we got home, said, "Wow, I feel so amazing! I don't want this feeling to go away!" (I then, told her not to sin and it won't!!)

    It was a soul floating day wasn't it?

  4. Our Sunday was filled with 1st Communion but Dan and I managed to sneak away in the evening for Adoration. Saw your Mom and Dad and heard about your little Pope Francis lover. Just makes my heart go pitter pat with hope for the future.

  5. Hope you are somehow enjoying our spring showers!!?? Thank you for this post. I so wanted to go to the Cathedral..where Jamie went...but we had other appts.

    Your post is beautiful. One of those special lifetime moments.


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