Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Toddler Girls

Some days you capture them at just the right moment. There the moment is frozen in time. In that caught moment a mother's heart breaks just a little because she sees that her babies grew up. With hardly a glance back and without warning, they moved on.

In the midst of a still needy season, I often forget that these days will not always be here.

I wish those sweet cheeks could always stay mom-kissable.

These are the two I waited for. These are the girls that I thought may never come. These are the children God knew needed me most and He borrowed them to me.

This is the reminder I cling to today because these two are a bucketful of energy that zap every morsel of mine. 

But they are so.stinkin.cute.


  1. So.Stinkin.Cute. AMEN!! How I wish I could squeeze and kiss those cheeks all up!

    I completely agree with you. And that feeling never changes. I have had this thought weigh heavily on my heart the past couple of weeks. Life had thrown us into the fast pitch game, in which I stink at. So I am quitting that team, welcoming the end of the school year, slow summer days, and clinging to each passing (sometimes miserably hot and cranky while I'm at it) day.

    You are so wise to get it, to see it. Have a fabulous week and a blessed Mother's Day!

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    I have a post in my draft folder about this same thing.
    Gosh...those babies are adorable!
    Blessed to have you, they are. : )

  3. So beautiful! Savor these precious gifts!

    You are a true Minnesotan, btw! Only in Minnesota do we say "borrowed them to me". (This freaked me out a bit when I first moved here!)


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