Friday, May 9, 2014

Wishes For Me From My Kids

Earlier in the week the subject of the looming Mother's Day came up with my kids. As the conversation went on somehow the idea of a guest post came up to celebrate their mom. It then became a wish list of sorts and I decided to just go with it and let them be creative.

Lily even approached the little girls with questions on what they wished mom could do. It was pretty impromptu, as the list would suggest, but it is totally my kids.

From Jonah:

1. I wish she would have a baby boy.

2. I wish she played Minecraft.

3. I wish she would play Legos with me.

4. I wish she was an actress.

5. I wish I could go on a trip with her to Rome (of course to meet the Pope :)

From Lily:

6. I wish she could snowboard with me.

7. I wish she watched Star Wars with us (and understood it).

8. I wish she watched Indiana Jones with us (and didn't get grossed out).

9. I wish she would have another baby.

10. I wish she rock climbed.

From Gianna:

11. I wish mommy would dance.

12. I wish she would go shopping.

13. I wish she would go outside with me.

From Margaret:

14. I wish she would watch Calliou with me.

15. I wish she would give me money.

16. I wish she was a butterfly.

You never know, my kids' wishes could come true.

Maybe by next Mother's Day I will be a pregnant, dancing, snowboarding butterfly-actress. They can only keep wishing!

To you, my dear blogging moms who inspire and encourage me every single day, may you have a Happy Mother's Day and may all your mommy wishes come true.

Mother’s Day 2013


  1. Sarah,
    This is the best. Ever.
    I smiled the whole way through!
    And to of the first mommies I ever followed here in Bloggyland
    Who inspires me daily...Happy Mothers's Day!!!!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Sarah. Maybe one of YOUR wishes will come true. :-)

  3. So absolutely adorable and sweet!! Now I know what their voices sound like, too, and these messages sound even sweeter :) So glad to hook up with you...that made my day! Wishing you continued happiness and blessings always!


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