Friday, April 4, 2014

Pretending Spring

 This morning, the sun is shining and it's 30 degrees, but yesterday...


It was not. Thankfully the snow didn't really accumulate here. However, it was the kind of day that makes one realize Jamie's got the right idea about getting the heck outta here.

SHHH.....don't tell my mom....

It's snowing AGAIN.

See, mom? That's not so bad.

It's almost pretty. ALMOST.

Let's pretend it's April and Spring, okay?

Then we'll see who gets the last laugh. Us or Mother Nature.

Here's to a more spring-like weekend! I hope.


  1. I love the spring look on your blog and the spring look on those cute little pattooties looking out the window. I'm pretty sick of this snow too. We ended up with only about 2 inches...not bad considering the forecast was for about 10 more than that!

    May. It's going to be nice in May. I just know it. We can hold out til May, right?

  2. It just gets old. But next week is THE WEEK! I just want the snow to be gone! Hang in there!

  3. Hi sweeties!
    Tell Mommy it is cold and rainy here. Yuck.
    Soon we will all be outside running through the green grass!
    Have a cozy weekend! : )

  4. Oh no more snow! So sorry for that! I know I would be in agony... Someone needs to get rid of the white witch, lol. Keeping fingers crossed for more springy temps.


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