Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life {link up}: Easter Edition

Joining Jamie today with a Thankful list and photo dump. How else were all the fun Easter photos ever going to get posted??!!

Thankful for warm enough weather for the annual Easter egg hunt at my in laws. Thankful for handfuls of little munchkins (this was only a photo of some of them) to join my kids in the hunt.

Thankful for growing up 'baby' who could wander around and find her eggs with ease this year.

Thankful for sunny days filled with kids playing outside. After this past winter we are beyond ready to frolic and have fun outdoors. The breeze is fresh, the sandbox is dirty, the pants are already grass stained, but I don't even care. We are free! It's spring!

Thankful for Easter bunny baskets full of goodies and the kids that enjoy them. This year the kids got a variety of items: candy, sandals, sunglasses, a small toy (My Little Pony for the little girls and  Legos for the big kids), snacks/activity pads for the girls and kites for Lily & Jonah. Oh, and Brother Francis DVD for each of the little girls too. We love those DVDs! And yes, my girls call them their POPE Francis DVD and not BROTHER Francis DVD. 

Thankful for Easter dress clothes and after Mass shots. Thankful for silly little girl 'smiles' (notice Gianna's new smile? Can't get her not to do that one) and antsy pants toddlers. Thankful  for big kids who can hold a smile. Sometimes.

Thankful for Easter kites and kids who think they are a pretty sweet gift. Lily was eager to get hers up and flying right after Easter Mass. There's a sweet simplicity associated with a kite, isn't there? We've given them to the older kids the last few years to keep up the tradition being that Reed's family always got kites at Easter. 

Thankful for daddy and toddler. How is that not just one of the sweetest things?!

Thankful for new stylin' sunglasses and toddlers who can only manage to wear them upside down. It's hilarious every time she does it.

Thankful for birthday boys who turn NINE and their creative minds. Since Jonah's birthday was on Easter Monday, we went ahead and celebrated with family and cake on Easter Sunday. Thankful for a woman from church who I asked to make his Lego cake. I wouldn't have had time to do it myself with so little free time on Saturday. She made the cake to resemble a Lego brick as Jonah requested. Jonah then created a whole birthday scene complete with each family member and other figures to place on top. His mind is always working, that's for sure.

Thankful for my nine year old boy who still lets me call him Studly. Because seriously, doesn't he look like it? This photo was prefaced with him coming up to me, posing like this and saying "What's up ladies?"  Heartbreaker.

Thankful for Birthday Buddies. We were able to go visit my grandma on Monday so that she and Jonah could celebrate their birthday day together. I don't know if they've ever gotten to spend time together on their birthday day, but this year is worked out and seemed perfect. Grandma needed the company and we hadn't seen her in a while, so it was a very good day. 

Thankful for four generations. It's been a long time since I've had a four generation picture taken with my dad's parents. Unfortunately, since grandpa's passing in December I've realized there were a lot of photos I didn't get the chance to take. I'm glad to have this one to look back on one day.

I hope you are still Easter Thankful and glowing in the Resurrection aftermath at your house.

Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter...looks like it was a nice one...the weather was perfect!

  2. "What's up ladies?"…oh my Jonah, you are killing me! :) So cute. And umm…if you haven't noticed, Elizabeth's new smiling habit is making sure I see all of her teeth…umm, hoping this phase passes as well! :) Looks like her and Gianna would be best buds! I love all the pictures and glad you had a great Easter!

  3. Glorious Easter greetings to you and your beautiful family!! Happy birthday to Jonah!! May god bless him abundantly this next year :)

    What a fantastic post filled with tons of joy! Loved your photos, the smiles, and your comments regarding them, too!

    And yes! What a little study man you have....tender as we'll it appears as he loves up on his great grandma ;)

  4. How much did I enjoy this one, my friend?!!?
    Soo much!
    Your family is beautiful...
    The love among you all is so beautiful...
    Your Easter looks amazing!
    And Happy Birthday to your handsome son.
    Next year...double digits!
    Enjoy the spring, my sweet friend!

  5. I loved all of it!!
    Loved Jonah in his "studly glasses pose" and happy birthday sweet boy, God bless you!

    How special to share a birthday with your grandma!!
    Love the Easter outfits and Gianna and her great smile!! SO cute!

    Love all the bright colors and festivities!!
    Your kiddos are so beautiful!!

    Love the daddy with baby photo too...sooo sweet!
    Thanks for linking Sarah, happy Easter!

  6. Oh the "what's up ladies" comment is cracking me up! What a character! Happy birthday, Jonah! I love the top pic and all of the cuties in cute hats! I can tell it is Easter in Minnesota. My uncle just posted a pic of more snow in Duluth. Hope that isn't hitting you and you are still getting to enjoy sunshine. That pic with Great-Grandma is a treasure for sure. My older kids love reminiscing about their great grandma. It is a special relationship. God bless your beautiful family!


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