Thursday, January 30, 2014

Theme Thursday: Barns

The theme today is BARNS.  Oh gosh, there are a number of them I stumble upon in these parts.
I had the thought that I could go driving around to find one of my favorites and capture it with snow drifted around it. 

Wouldn't that have been pretty?

But life in the tundra has left too many days that are so unbearable with below zero temperatures and horrific wind chills.

Instead I happened to remember this one I had sitting in my computer:

I took this one in the fall on the way to my brother's house driving down the gravel road out in the country. While it's not really a good shot of just a barn, it's a photo of a barn, a farm and pretty much exhibits rural MN in the fall with the cornstalks in the field.

I can almost smell the country, feel the fall breeze and fall in love with MN.

And on a day like today that's a very good memory to hold on to and the reminder that this winter will one day pass.

I think.

Head on over to Cari's for more BARNS today.


  1. I love fall in the country! I love how the dried corn stalks look.

  2. I love that shot, Sarah...
    I have one similar from my front least I think I do...I don't really remember what the outside looks like. ; )

  3. That is a stunning photo! I love beautfiul country farms.

  4. That is a great shot. I love how most of us had to dig up pics from before due to the rotten weather we're all experiencing.

  5. Love the perspective in this one!

  6. Lovely! I do miss scenes like that from growing up. So comforting, to me. :-)

  7. Beautiful!
    ~Ruth Anne

  8. I love the country and pictures of barns!

    I can't even think of Fall though, because then winter is right around the corner again....I HAVE to think only of Spring!!

  9. This winter is the coldest for you, isn't it? Our winter are bi-polar. Really. Up and down, up and down. I think I won't complain...I wouldn't want the cold temps all the time without a reprieve. Hang in there. Hope you get the box of love from us soon and that it arrives in one piece Haha!

  10. Gooooorgeous! Is that wheat? That picture is iconic. I imagine it as a postcard or something.


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