Monday, February 3, 2014

She's Not A Baby Any More

Can you believe this girl turned TWO over the weekend?

You remember that day when I introduced her to you, right? You know, yesterday.
Except that yesterday was two years ago. 

Oh how we love this girl! We are celebrating a joint birthday for the little girls in a couple weeks, closer to Gianna's birthday. We still had to at least do a bit of celebrating to mark her entrance into this big world.

With a birthday on the Feast of the Presentation, how could we not eat and celebrate one way or another?

I prepared Breakfast Enchiladas for brunch after Mass. 

It was a HUGE hit and I highly recommend it as it's super duper easy!

Mommy and Daddy looking quite a bit different than two years ago. Maybe we've aged well. Perhaps.

Up until the last minute I really had no idea what I was going to do for her cake. 
Poor 4th child.
All I knew was that I had bought cake mix (again, bad mom) and a bag of Valentine colored M&Ms that I was somehow going to use. No, it was not going to be a very Pinterest-y birthday with theme and matching, but hopefully she doesn't care too much.

We ended up inviting Margaret's Godparents and their girls over for impromptu cake after brunch.
We'll catch the grandparents and maybe a few other family members in a couple weeks at the actual party for both Margaret and Gianna.

Do I sound like I'm feeling guilty at all here?
(Who gave this woman her Mom Badge? Clearly, not well earned in the bday dept.)

She looks like she enjoyed it, don't ya think?

I ended up feeling inspired (if you can call it that) and had Gianna help me separate the M&Ms by color before Mass. I then whipped up the Two Ingredient Buttercream Frosting that I now swear by and we had that cake all decorated by 8 am before shuffling off to Mass.

It was yummy, if I do say so myself.

The afternoon was pretty uneventful with only a quick nap for the Birthday Princess and her royal sister. 
The older kids were gone with dad snow tubing with their 4-H group, so it was just me and the girls holdin' down the fort.

What an afternoon to hang out in the kitchen and make a huge mess have a blast with Playdoh.

And now I have two TWO year olds in my house for the next 15 days. 

If the next two weeks are anything like the last month, they will be living up to their newly coined name:

The TWO Toddler Tornado Twins.

Yup, it will be gettin' real up in here.

Hang on mama.


  1. Happy birthday sweet baby girl! (I refuse to accept the fact that these two years are not officially babies.) I think the cake turned out perfectly and the day was perfect as well! Hugs and kisses to little miss. And I'm loving your hair cut. It looks really awesome on you!

    1. I think Flynn believes her name is "Baby Flynn"
      Sadly, I'm serious. : )

  2. She is such a pretty little girl!

    And thanks for the breakfast enchilada link. Yum.

  3. We still call Alexander "the baby" and he'll be 3 in July! I think you have to officially have a new baby so that Greta can get rid of the title. Just saying. And hoping :)

    P.S. You guys don't age AT ALL.

    P.P.S. Your cake decorating skills are on par with mine. Love it!

  4. Happy, happy, happy birthday Margaret! I think the cake looks amazing and so very cute! And the nickname for both of them...I can totally relate and I only have 1 over here! ;) Sounds like a GREAT day!!

  5. She is such a beauty. Of course, not to downplay her other wonderful attributes for her looks. Happy birthday dear girl! What a fun month for you with 2 twos!

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!
    Your cake looks amazing, and so do you!

  7. Happy Birthday, Margaret! I think the cake looks perfect for a two year old. And I think it sounded like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!


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