Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Hopping right in with all the Friday fun with 7 random Takes from the home front.


From the Gianna files:

"Are we going to get Margaret's potty train?"

"No, you can help me POTTY TRAIN her so she will go potty on the toilet and wear big girl undies like you."

Then, quizzically, "But when are we going to go get her potty train?"

So I guess the idea that the almost 3 yo toddler would help me with the almost 2 yo toddler potty training is just too confusing.


It's always exciting to have a new little family member, isn't it? I enjoy watching other women's bellies round and form little people as we all anticipate little one's arrival. I became auntie again for the 12th time yesterday. Miss Alice arrived yesterday, overdue by a week. I'm betting my little girls are gonna have a blast traumatizing playing when she comes to visit!


Another one from Gianna:

While picking out the day's underwear she says to daddy,

" I have My Little Pony underwear, stars ones and picnic underwear!"


 The 'picnic' underwear are a pink and white plaid pair. What original thinking, my dear.


Not to be outdone by the female population, Jonah has had some interesting things on his mind lately. Like the other night after bath.

"Will I ever get cancer?"

"Well, I can't say for sure, but most people don't. I hope not."

" Oh good. I don't think I would look very good bald."

"I'm sorry, but have you seen the men on your dad's side of the family? They are mostly lacking hair on their heads. Unless you got my amazing hair genes, that may be your future hair as well."

Downcast. "Well, is there some kind of spray or something that I can put on my hair to make sure I don't go bald?"

"Sure, but most men are stubborn and choose not to use it (like your dad)."

He moves on, still thinking.

"It's just that I don't think I'll be very attractive if I am bald."

Oh man, where does this stuff come from?


Lily and I decided to start a new hobby in 2014. After Patty posted about her daughter making a hat, I was impressed and inspired. Thanks to some guidance from Patty, I started searching knitting and loom knitting. It turns out loom knitting is like the bees knees and a bit easier to learn (mommy brain likes easy). I spent a little extra Christmas money on two round loom sets, a flower loom and yarn to get us started. It's so much fun! We finished the girls' hats first and then Lily worked on hers and finished in a day, just picking it up at leisure. I'm almost finished with one for baby Alice and then we have a couple requests for a couple more. A yarn shopping spree is in order for this weekend. Yeah, we're just a little addicted.


Here's a goodie from Pope Francis, you know, cuz that man has always got something good to say. I only wish I could remember 1/4 of what His Awesomeness says. I blame Mommy Brain.

Here's what he said on World Communication Day this week:

'In a world like this, media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of the unity of the human family which can in turn inspire solidarity and serious efforts to ensure a more dignified life for all. Good communication helps us to grow closer, to know one another better, and ultimately, to grow in unity.'

As someone who took a hiatus from blogging for a few months I can definitely attest to this solidarity of which he speaks. Modern communications can definitely be a very good thing when used for good and to build up and encourage the Body of Christ.


You've seen the Sheenazing Award nominees, right?

My goodness, there are some excellent blogs out there! There are a good number of my buddies to vote for and so many new friends to meet.

If you haven't already seen Bonnie's amazing list or voted, what are you waiting for?

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! As for us, we are planning to head to my hometown for 'Winter Worship'-Mass with a ton of people, a couple of our favorite priests and our new Bishop! Along with a visit to my parents as well.

(What? I didn't tell you about our new Bishop and how I got to meet him?  Well, I've got a pic or two to share. You'll have to wait until next week when I hope to do a catch up post for you all.)


  1. If Jonah goes bald, you can just make him one of those cute hats!! Problem solved :)

  2. I suppose I don't need to tell you hw happy I am that you are back among the bloggers...
    Or how excited I get when you pop up on my Dashboard...
    Or how much I gleam from your sweet posts about your life and home and faith and family...
    Or how cute your kids are...
    So....Happy Friday, my dear friend. : )

    1. Billie Jo, you are so cute. Your kindness always makes me smile. Thanks for being such a great bloggy buddy :)

  3. So…the sayings & thoughts of your kiddos are amazingly awesome, your pictures are fantastic, the hats turned out adorable (isn't it fun??!!) and that quote from our Pope is spot on because that's how I feel how it works for us…and a whole bunch of other women :) Have a blessed weekend!

  4. We decided not to go to that Mass....dang it, I would have seen you!! We could still's just that, there will be SO many people there!!

    I'm a homebody.

    OH, you kiddos are soooo cute. I loved all their sayings...but you have to tell Jonah that baldness comes from his mama's if the men on your side are not bald, he won't be!!! But, if they are, he's out of luck.

    Those hats are awesome!! We loomed last year...til the looms broke. They are kind of cheap that way. I wish they made better ones, but I suppose we could learn the REAL way to knit. Oh, well...The flowers look so cute on the hats and the hats look so cute on the girlies.

    How do you get that "With a Hopeful Heart" on your pictures?

    1. I am such a homebody as well. Going to the Winter Worship would be like our first "real" outing in forever. Of course, now we are unsure as we got bad weather yesterday afternoon/eve and our roads here are a glazy, crusty, icy mess :(

      I am holding out hope on the looms. I read somewhere that if the pegs pop out (assuming that was your issue), to glue them all in really well. We shall see. I sure hope they last because we are having so much fun with them and I would like to broaden our horizons with other projects too.

      As for the 'watermark' on my photos, I try to use this when the photo has my kids' faces on them to protect them. I got the idea a while back from Patty @ Reasons for Chocolate. I use for my photo edits and love it. Once you have the photo uploaded there, at the top are tabs and one of them looks like a stack of papers and says Blender when you hover over it. Click that and then click at the top where it says 'text'. I then type in With A Hopeful Heart and choose font style. It will appear on your photo and you can move it to where you like on the photo, resize it and change font color as well. When you are done with that and your photo edits, be sure and click Done over in the upper right corner. Then click the disk at the top middle to save to your computer.

      I know it sounds extensive and confusing, but once you do it a few times it isn't so bad. Good luck! I can always show you sometime when we get together :) Or we can use it as an excuse to get together. lol.

  5. OK, Thanks so much...I put WAY too many pics on my blog to do that, don't I? I'll have to bookmark this page and if you don't see it soon on my pics, come on over...come anyway!

    If you go,Drive safely, that wind is awful out there. I got groceries this morning and unloading was super cold!

    The looms actually broke with the bottom part still in...does that make sense? So to glue it, I just don't think it would work, we could try though. Super glue? My 11 year old still has hers, not with so many broken. (so she can still do it)

    Have fun, if you go tonite!

  6. Haha, I always love the kid quotes. =)


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