Thursday, January 23, 2014

Theme Thursday: Unaware

I'm a bit late to the Theme party today it seems. You know, prowling around like a ninja is actually harder than I thought? It seems my kids are so AWARE of me that I can't even catch them UNAWARE.


I  was suppose to be teaching the big kids at school. Instead, I found the destructive duo delightfully busy twosome doing their morning usual.

That would be 'painting' the windows. The girls have found that the right combination of frigid temps (read: -20 degrees) on the outside and warm temps inside, caught between a patio door and curtains all night = lots of water. That water needs to be 'painted' each morning to ensure that our windows look so very clean and flawless to all that pass on by.

We're winning awards here people for cleanest windows in the five state area. I am sure of it.

Check out what all the other prowling led to over at Cari's for more Catching People Unaware Thursday.


  1. Ha, I love it!!!! Hey, you got to do what you got to do...looks entertaining to me!

  2. -20. My heart just stopped. I'll not complain about our tens and fifteens (above zero!!) again.

  3. They're so big! I can't believe it's nearly birthday time for them! If it makes you feel better my kitchen window has creme filling from a Twinkie on it. And the Twinkie was Monday's snack. Oops.

  4. Now that is an art project I could mess!

  5. Awe! How cute! I wouldn't mind that project either, as Colleen mentioned above.


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