Monday, June 3, 2013

World Priest Day Is THIS Friday

Got a priest?

Got a priest (or two, or three) your family loves?

Want to let him know how much you appreciate him?

Well, then you don't want to miss this Friday, June 7th, World Priest Day!!

(hint: it's also the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of which I have a particular fondness)

Find a way to let your priest know you are praying for him and thinking of him on Friday.

You can find more information about World Priest Day over here.

A few ideas:

- send him a text on his cell phone letting him know you are praying for him 

- send him a spiritual bouquet of prayers/rosary 

- send a quick email thanking him for all he does for your parish/your family

-have your kids color him pictures (find some over here) or write him a letter of thanks

No matter what you do, I guarantee he'll be glad he was thought of and appreciated. Those wonderful priests need our support and prayers. Friday is the perfect reminder to let them know you and your family give him both.


  1. You are absolutely correct Sarah. Our priests need all the support and encouragement they can get, especially from us in the pews. They make many sacrifices for their parishioners, and we need to vocalize our appreciation.
    Inviting our pastors to dinner would most likely be very welcomed, as well.

    Thank you for the timely reminder!

    I was so glad to finally have met you (and Reed) *in real life* on Saturday!! One of my highlights from MCHEC, for sure! :-)

  2. Friday huh? Gonna have to try to get to Mass with the littles (Tom and the 3 oldest are in Canada fishing)!! Thanks for letting us know!

  3. Thanks so much for the reminder, Sarah! We do indeed have a family friend who just so happens to be an amazing priest. He is actually Rhett's godfather. I will make myself a note to give him a shout out Friday....heading over to your links now...


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