Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello, Electricity! How I Missed Thee

39 Hours without electricity can teach you a lot.

Like how ill prepared I am for natural disaster.

How often I wash the girls' hands and face with the quick turn of the faucet.

Laundry and dishes seem to stack up faster.

The house becomes a wasteland of desperate dirtiness.

My kids are more resilient to coping without it than I thought.

There are still plenty of other things to be done without electricity, especially when there are branches/sticks to pick up and a garden out of which to clear debris.

Or how grumpy I get when there isn't the convenience of electricity flowing throughout my home.

A reminder that I am human and quite clearly was not designed to live in a different time era. My unwashed hair that was doin' its own thing was a testament to this truth.

Lastly, I take the power and workers that keep it coming to my house every day, for granted.

Stay tuned for photos from our Great Staycation last week, 
aka The Fun Before the Storm.

**By the way, if you live under a rock like I did for a few days, Kim Kardashian had her baby girl last week. We can all rest easy now, can't we? Dare we hope we don't see any more about that woman? That was the longest pregnancy EVER. Of course now she and the Kanye will just monetize on their baby 'North'. Oh joy. 


  1. Oh my goodness! What in the world happened? Was the lack of electricity by choice?? Part of your stay-cation?? And the whole Kim Kerdashian thing...yeah. I'm with you. That was THE longest pregnancy EVER! LOL

    1., no, Patty. Not a choice at all. Bad storms Thursday night/Early Friday morning. Thousands and thousands without power and it was very widespread. I don't think there were actually tornadoes, but some straight line winds I guess. A lot of flooding and trees down everywhere. No fun. Glad to be safe and not have structural damage.

  2. Oh Sarah...sorry about the loss of power...I agree...I take it for granted every minute of everyday. I always get freaked out about the refrigerator and all the food inside...Ugh.

  3. Oh my, late to this post for some reason! Life without electricity is nooooo fun! And yeah, naming a baby North West? Ugh.


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