Sunday, June 16, 2013

WIWS: Newbie Edition

Who isn't inspired by the beauty of everyone's WIWS posts?

Every week I think about it about 20 minutes too late and when I'm back in my grubby clothes 
post-church. *sigh*

But today, TODAY, I remembered before we walked out the door to Mass.

And then I realized that I'm clearly not meant to model. Or coordinate beautiful church attire.

So, I'm all like, I can do this....

Still trying...

Let's try this pose...

This one will have to do, we've gotta get going to church...

Skirt: Walmart (last year); Shirt: Sonoma from Kohl's; 

Earrings: Kohl's (again, SO several years ago last year); Scarf: Old Navy 

And while I was getting the girls out the door and loaded in the van, someone else decided to play fashionista. 

Work it, Daddy!!

When all else fails, show off the guns...

Oh well, it was his day, so I let him have some fun. Photographer: Jonah

Stop over at Fine Linen And Purple and check out all the other WIWS beauties in their finery.

ps...after this go around with WIWS, don't be surprised if you don't ever see me do this again. I just don't rock it like the other ladies do.


  1. I love that scarf! Perfect with the color of your shirt :)

    And I have so much trouble with the WIWS poses - at this point I just set the self-timer and hope for the best! It always ends up blurry or overexposed, but oh well!

    Looks like your husband totally has the posing down, though ;)

  2. You look great! So glad you remembered and were able to join us this week. I know what you mean about forgetting. I was forever forgetting and finally it became a habit with my husband's reminders. But to be honest, I had already started changing last week when my MIL (who is my most avid follower) knocked on the door to remind me and I had to put everything back on!

  3. I think you look awesome! And I think your DH should make a weekly appearance, lol! :)

  4. Love this, Sarah! You look beautiful...and I am super impressed at your scarf tying ability...Madison is still trying to teach me...

    This was a fun read! Your smile is contagious!

  5. LOVE IT!! You guys are so much fun! It's so awkward posing, isn't it? That's part of why I love seeing everyone's pictures :)

  6. Beautiful outfit! I think your poses are lovely, although your hubby admittedly gives you a run for the money. ;-)

  7. Love it Sarah!! You look so pretty!

    Love the hubby's guns, that's hilarious. (don't tell him the hilarious part!)

    I'm going to so miss you this coming weekend!

  8. Dad did a most excellent job modeling, lol!

  9. This is great!! You look absolutely beautiful in your ensemble and you'd definitely make it big time on the catwalk! Your hubs....he cracks me up!

  10. I love how you both had fun with the photo shoot! I find it hard to pose as well.


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