Friday, June 28, 2013

The Great Staycation: Day 2

A good night's sleep and we were ready for another day of fun.

And then we woke up to rain.

The final decision was to venture forward and make the best of it, rain or no rain. I was so happy we did because it ended up clearing out and another beautiful day was on tap.

Ready to go, we're off to the zoo!

We headed the opposite direction as the day before, to Wahpeton, ND/Breckenridge, MN.

We decided not to picnic lunch that day and opted for dining in some place. Little did we know that finding a place to eat in either of these towns was like finding a needle in a haystack. Eventually, we found a Dairy Queen, right at noontime lunch hour rush. We rolled with it and survived. 

And discovered Smore's Frozen Hot Chocolate, my new favorite DQ treat! Yummy!

Our destination for the day was Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton.

There were some really neat animals there considering that it is just a small size zoo in a small town. 

The zoo is really well kept and there were visitors there, but not crowds like Como Zoo, another favorite place of ours. Again, with the great weather, it was nice to take our time without overheating and a lot of the animals were out and active.

My favorite of the day:

Afterward, we headed across the parking lot to an indoor (Air Conditioned) restored carousel. This was the little girls' first time on a carousel and they seemed to enjoy it. 

I Some of us get a little sick on things such as merry-go-rounds and carousels, so I they usually take all the photos.

Jonah told me later that it was embarrassing riding a carousel and I told him no one would know he rode it and there was no one else there at the time. I failed to mention that really everyone would know because he'd be featured on my blog.

Hey, does that smile look like he's embarrassed??

Another really good day for the memory books. Another really good day to treasure within my motherly heart.

Best yet, our two days of fun for a family of six cost us $200.58! 
That includes a tank of gas in our van. How sweet is that?

This just may prove that a staycation is best on a budget and with little ones. Everyone ended up happy and content and we all got a good night sleep in our own beds.

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  1. Great photos! Tell Jonah that my little man likes to ride the carousel. And that's okay! :) Fun day and I enjoyed some of the photo captions you added. Looking forward to hearing what in the world happened to your electricity.


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