Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Father's Day

It's just too heard to chose a few photos from such a great weekend, so I'm just going to plaster them all here in one post and be done.

It was a good one. You know, one of those that you wish you could just do over, but make it last way longer? I think it was the summer sun, the family time and just good old honoring dad kind of stuff that  made it extra wonderful.

Just Me And My Dad

Saturday morning we met up with my parents at their new favorite restaurant, a nice local establishment, with excellent food. 

Nothing like starting the weekend celebrating dad with some food, right?

No clue why Gianna is into bringing her pillow and random stuffed animals when we head out the door lately. Hence, they get captured in memorable photos like this one:

After Mass on Sunday morning, the kids had plans of making breakfast. They got some help from me, but we tried our best to keep daddy out of the kitchen. They even cooked for two extra mouths since we had grandpa and grandma over for breakfast too.

My Cooks

Card from the Kids

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this simple print off that I had Lily and Jonah fill out for their dad. A nice personal gift to add to our store bought ones, but also memorable keepsake too of their thoughts on dad.

Our Mr. Incredible

When the temperature decided to hit well into the 80's, we decided water was in order. The lake is still a bit too cold, so we pulled out the kiddie pool for the little girls. The big kids decided to join in and asked to have their floaties inflated, just because they were new and all. Clearly, the pool is not big enough for the floaties, but we like to pretend.

Pool Kids

Notice Gianna in the last photo and this one? She held that expression almost the entire time, she had such a blast! She'll be easy to please this summer with the kiddie pool.

Poolside Freezies with Dad

For fun, we also pulled out the slip and slide for the big kids. They just couldn't resist taking the girls on it. Gianna knew better and wouldn't trust them, but Margaret, well, she's still gullible. She did seem to like it though.

Warming up with Dad

There's always time for a smooch with mom too.

Is this summer?! I could do this relaxin' thing All.summer.long.

After a picnic supper on the porch, we topped off the day with root beer floats. Minus the whipping cream and cherries, since I  someone forgot to buy them. Ah, well, we enjoyed them just the same.

By day's (and weekend) end, we could all agree that it was a very good day indeed.

Now, a couple days of work and then we are planning a couple days of Staycation. Fun things as a family, close to home and return to our own beds each night. Right now that seems manageable and maybe something more later in the summer.

How was your Father's Day weekend?

 I hope you had a great time honoring those special dad's in your life!


  1. Great pictures and amazing memories! Glad you were able to have the relaxation, you deserve it!

  2. Perfect day! Love Gianna's face in the pool, and the things your kids wrote about Reed...favorite drink - V8? That's so healthy, for Phil they would be like favorite drink - whiskey!

  3. Love your kids answers...especially the keeping kids under control thing!! We've always got V-8 around here, as I'm the only one who drinks it. (love it)

    Looks like a great Father's day!


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