Friday, May 3, 2013

Sacramental Mushiness

See these smiles?

These are pre-Sacrament smiles getting ready for Jonah's big day on Sunday, his First Holy Communion. How we love our faith and how we love us some sacraments at our house!

Since we can't ever get enough of them, we celebrate their beauty and the anniversaries of those special days.

Just this week we remembered Jonah's Baptismal Day (May 1st) eight years ago and Lily's First Communion Day (also May 1st), just two years ago.

Our parish is even doing May Crowning at Mass this Sunday. While it's been done in the past here, it hasn't been in the eleven years I've been a member. My kids have never had the opportunity to be a part of a May Crowning, but this year the First Communicants will be.

Since our small parish just has one boy (aka Jonah) and two girls receiving their First Holy Communion, they will be the ones bringing flowers to Mary. 

Any guesses who's bring up the crown and crowning her?

(homemade crown made by yours truly, not professional, but it's an act of love if nothing else)

Cue handsome boy of mine who's just a wee-bit nervous about being extra cautious as to not topple over dear Mother Mary.

Our house will be a flurry of activity and celebration this weekend and I'll be sure to post photos next week. You know you want 'em, don't ya?

Could you do me a favor and send Mr. Jonah a prayer or two on his special day? He would appreciate your prayers from near and far.


  1. Oh boy...I love this time of year...we don't have any sacraments to celebrate this year. Don't mind if we celebrate vicariously through you guys...

    Will be thinking of you all Sunday morning. Here's to bright sunny skies and lots of holiness all around. Will be waiting for details! Enjoy, friend...

    P.S. sent you a question earlier this week...

  2. Congratulations to him!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Congratulations, I'll be praying for him!! (and for his mama!) Such a special day!! I could have borrowed you my chalice/host cookie cutter!

  4. What an honor! He's gonna rock that crowning. Congrats to Jonah, and does this mean that he can be an altar boy soon?


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