Friday, May 17, 2013

If Only Rome Were Closer To Home

One day I want to travel to Rome with my husband. One day.

There are many days that I wish Rome were just a little bit closer. I suppose I wouldn't think it as big a deal though if I just hopped on a bus and went to St. Peter's Square or participated in a Wednesday audience with the Pope just any old day.

Well, I suppose with this little Pope Francis admirer I have, we'd eventually get banned from popping up everywhere he is.

She's still rather enamored with her beloved 'Fransa', you know.

And then she saw this picture last week:

She laughed and pointed at Pope and baby. I then pointed out what the Pope was doing, putting the paci back in the baby's mouth. She paid special attention and giggled.

To think that two of her favorite things, Pope and paci, were in the same photo. To think that THAT baby got to be close to HER Pope and he gave the baby his paci. I could see the wheels turning. If ever there was baby envy, she had it at that moment.

"What a rip off! That baby gets the Pope AND the paci?! I am SO hopping on a plane right now!"

Yup, that's exactly what I read in her expression, you know I did.

You see, Gianna just had her paci taken away two weeks ago. Well, technically, she threw it away on her own. It was old, she had finally chewed a hole in it and she had been warned that this paci was her last and when it was time, she would not be getting another one.

Then the fateful day came. Following my instructions, she walked to the garbage, threw away her beloved paci and with a brave face said "Gianna big girl. Gianna not need paci."

She had some moments that day asking for " 'nother one paci" whenever she needed consoling.

If only her Pope could've been here to help her, she thought. I bet HE'd let me keep my paci.

If only Rome were just a little bit closer and the Pope was just a neighbor down the street.

I guess then we'd probably be the crazy neighbor who never left him alone. Or at the very least, Gianna would be the wandering around child of the neighborhood who was always stopping by to visit.

Especially if he was handing out paci's.


  1. Oh, I love these little stories about her love for Pope Francis! What a big girl to give her paci on her own!! My 2 that took paci's gave them up around age 3, and they did it by giving them (all) to a new baby--as a gift. (that the mother's threw away) it only bothered them for a couple days, where they would get sad. OH, brings back memories and I'm amazed at how fast they grow. (Katherine, now 10 and Bridget, 3 1/2 are the ones)

    Thanks for the smile this morning!

    Oh, and I love how in those pictures of the Pope with children, there's some security man holding the kids, like he doesn't care, like "Heres this stinky little kid you so want to see" Makes me laugh.

  2. Gianna...come over to Auntie Susie's, I have a paci for you. haha Your cousin Joseph was almost 4 before we started cutting the end off of it.

  3. This is so sweet, Sarah! I love it! What a big girl giving up her binkie on her own...she reminds me of Peyton...she just walked over to the garbage, threw it in, and went on with life. Of course, this is the same child who potty trained herself before age 2...and Flynn is 3 and a half ...oh how things change! : )

  4. Sarah, when you send your kids to Steubenville for college (with mine) and they go study abroad in Austria (with mine) then you can go visit them and sneak over to Rome too (with us). Save the date!


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