Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Five Favorites

Hopping in with Hallie for Five Favorites. It's my first time! I always enjoy a link up and reading everyone post their favorites each week, I finally couldn't resist.


I've been trying to increase my water consumption over the past several months. Sometimes just plain water is tough for me to chug, so water enhancers are my new alternative. I've tried the MIO ones, but found that the Walmart Great Value brand are just as good and cheaper too.

My new favorite is the Lemonade and also the Southern Sweet Tea.

No calories and no sugar. 


After a recent trip to the dermatologist, I was given the diagnosis of rosacea (*sigh*). Upon going to the local store to pick up my prescription he recommended, they told me it was going to cost $250!! Say what now??! I still haven't gotten around to consulting a different pharmacy or checking back with the dermatologist. 
Instead, I found Eucerin Redness Relief cleanser and night time moisturizer that are already helping improve the areas that were a concern. 
What a relief!


I like to keep my toenails polished, especially in the warmer months when flip flops are a must. While I normally go for magenta/pinks, I gave the PURE ICE polish in an orange a try. 

Love it- perfect for spring!

It's called 'Twinkle'.


In search of a new favorite body spray, I stopped in at Bath & Body Works the other day. When my sniffer was all sniffed out, I landed Venice Dolce Berry. 
It's described as a collection of plumberry, magnolia, sandalwood sugar and a hint of vanilla biscotti.

I call it YUM-berry-biscotti. Love it!

 How weird is it to spray yourself with biscotti?

Hubby finds it yum-licious too. Never mind that pre-teen girl says it smells like old lady. 


Almost two weeks ago we bought a new (to us) 2012 van. Another Dodge Caravan, but an upgrade and lower miles than our 2005. It has many of the same features as our old one, but also has some interior changes that I like as well. Lots more cubbies for my junk stuff up front, the seat upholstery is a bit more durable and with this design it sure seems like the inside is more spacious. It handles the same driving for the most part, but I do notice a difference a little with it feeling 'bigger'. My kids say it's SO MUCH bigger on the outside than our other one, but I think it's the new design that gives that illusion.

Doesn't matter, it's one of my new favorite things that makes me want to just go sit in it to take a nap. Or maybe just listen to the radio.


  1. I too am trying to dring more know what I love? sliced cucumbers in my water...soo good and refreshing...

    Love Eucerin ANYTHING! My doctor recommended it when I had something weird going on after I had Flynn. Works great!

    Happy Wednesday, friend! : )

  2. Nice ride, Mama!

    My Bath & Body Works scent is Wild Honeysuckle, have you tried that one?

    And that orange polish looks so cute!!

  3. Ditto on what Billie Jo commented. I'll look for those water enhancers because I feel the same way about it. BTW, I think of you every time I put on my foot cream, Barefoot, Peppermint Plum. Yum!

  4. So fun getting to know you this way!! That's great you found an alternative to that spendy prescription, hope it continues to work!

    Orange sounds great! (it looks pinky peachy on my screen) I always go for the fuschia--hot pink colors. Always the same, can't switch. My girls exact opposite, bright blues, greens, yellows, oranges....

  5. Eucerin was suggested to us when my first baby was allergic to the baby lotion (I didn't know that was possible!) It worked great on her and left her skin so soft and smooth. It also works great for my husband's extremely sensitive skin. He has to even use only sensitive soap or his hands will turn bright red and burn.

    Love your new van! We got our first van last year and love the extra space, well not so extra anymore with four car seats.


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