Saturday, May 25, 2013

God's Curve Ball And Prayer Request

This week has been tiring, emotionally and physically.

In case you've questioned my absence, I thought I would catch you up to speed.

Even taking the time to check in and send out a prayer request here was time consuming, so I opted not to.


My FIL suffered a stroke earlier in the week. There are so many details to what happened, but I just can't find the time or energy to replay the scene. Thank God, he is doing remarkably well. He is up and around and each passing day he looks just a little bit better. The main thing affected is his eye sight in one eye that has gotten a little better, but I am unsure that it will completely heal.

He does still have blood on his brain that has not decreased and they also told us yesterday that they found a tear in an artery that goes up the back of the neck to the brain. This tear will need to be addressed in coming months. For now, he will be in the hospital over the weekend for sure to keep monitoring him and get him on blood pressure medication before going home.

As all of this unfolded on Tuesday, it was wearing on everyone as you can imagine. That night, while my MIL stayed overnight at the hospital she ended up in ER with memory loss and confusion. They diagnosed her with Transient Global Amnesia. Essentially, she could remember up through Monday, but none of the events from Tuesday. She was admitted to the hospital, treated that day, tests ran and was discharged late Wednesday evening. She seems to be doing well, besides being tired from all the time spent visiting my FIL.

Lastly, to end our week, my 93 year old grandpa was admitted to the same hospital. He is being treated for fluid on his lungs and congestive heart failure. Yesterday when I visited him he was eating like usual and in chipper spirits, a big change from when I visited him at home last weekend. I was recently updated and found that he has gotten much quieter, his blood pressure is erratic and low and he had a rough night. Reed has dubbed him The Resurrection Man because he's always bounced back in the past. Many times we have thought he was in his last and he always came back. We will see what God's plan is for this wonderful, sweet man this time around.

At least for today, we are all home together. This week has kept Reed at the hospital, an hour away, every day and me holding down the fort. I've been to the hospital a couple times and yesterday was the first day we took all the kids. I think it did the Papa's well to see the kids and lift their spirits a bit.

Any prayers you can send are most appreciated. We know the healing power of prayer and trust that God will protect and watch over our loved ones who need His powerful touch.


  1. You know we have you smothered in prayers!

  2. We will pray! I know that this is all very draining so try to take good care of yourself too so that you can be there for your family when they need you! Lots of hugs!

  3. Praying with and for you all, dear friend... Hugs...

  4. Oh Sarah, we experienced similar issues with my FIL a few years ago... I know how trying it is for your family, as well as how difficult it is on you (and the children) with Reed gone for so very many hours each day, as was Craig.

    Know of our prayers offered for your entire family.


  5. Oh dear Sarah. Have a "Hopeful Heart" and know our prayers are with you and your family during this time. Lots of strong hugs sent your way. xoxox

  6. Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry it's been such a hard week. I so wished we lived closer, you know, close enough to help. But if you lived closer to me, you mama would be there, right? It would have to be me closer to you then. You will be all in my prayers. Please keep us posted, when you get the chance. We all understand. Love you.

  7. Sarah - praying for you and your extended family!

  8. Sarah - praying for you and you extended family!

  9. Just catching up blog reading tonight - praying!


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