Monday, May 6, 2013

First Communion Day

 As promised, a brief look at our day yesterday, Jonah's First Communion Day.

I have so many pictures, but just tried to to pull some of them to share with you all here. The weather wasn't perfect, but at least nice enough that the big kids could play outside with their older cousins. Besides, the day wasn't really about the weather, was it?

Mass turned out beautifully and Jonah was so excited for his big day. He was a bit nervous trying to remember what he was suppose to do and when, but everything went perfectly. Thankfully, he was also surrounded by family who loved him and helped him celebrate his very special day.

Mr. Studly walking into Mass and trying to pretend everyone isn't staring at him. He does not like direct attention on him by numerous people.

Toward the end of Mass, we had May Crowning of Mary. It's been the first time in quite a while that our parish did this and First Communion Sunday is a great day to have the children crown Mary.

Again, Jonah was just a little bit nervous.

But he did a great job! We had practiced and he wanted to be sure to get the crown on Mary just right. He did just that, he nailed it! He even was sure to slide the ribbons around Mary's shoulder and down her back. It was precious.

Beaming after Mass.

Many family members joined us at Mass and then later on at our house for lunch. Here's Jonah with his Godparents and both sets of Grandparents.

And his buddy, aka our priest, Fr. Michael. Jonah has been eagerly awaiting celebrating his First Communion day with him since he was assigned here last summer. He didn't disappoint. A beautiful Mass filled with memorable moments to make it very special for Jonah and the other 
First Communicants.

Another great family photo, even if the little girls aren't smiling. Gianna is a tough one to crack for photos taken by anyone but mom and Miss Margaret was tired already.

My sweet peas, my babies, growing up so fast. Special days like these make me realize how very fast time is flying right before my very eyes.

Of course, there was cake! (Thank you, Walmart bakery)

Another significant and precious sacrament celebrated in our household. I'll say it again, we just can't get enough of them. So many graces, so much joy and so many still frames, moments in time,  instilled within the recesses of my motherly heart.

Congratulations Jonah! May you always be drawn closer to Jesus in the Eucharist and desire to receive Him as often as possible.


  1. Thought of your son yesterday, and you too Sarah...and it looks as if it were a perfect day! So happy for you all...beautiful photos of your beautiful family. Now you can relax and bask in the glow of happy memories, my friend! : )

  2. O love the family photo (especially Gianna because she's keeping it real!) Congrats Jonah, you looked so handsome on your big day, and always remember that every time you receive Our Lord is just as special as it was yesterday.

  3. Congratulations to Jonah! You have a beautiful family!! :)

  4. Congratulations Jonah!! I love the family photo--you all look so springy!

  5. So beautiful! Congratulations to your sweet Jonah. Mary Catherine made her First Holy Communion last weekend. We too had cool, but at least sunny weather! Blessings to your boy!!!

  6. Congratulations! He looks nervous in the picture of him taking up the crown, and so happy in the picture after he has completed crowning Mary. So sweet!
    Great family photo!

  7. Congratulations Jonah!

    I think the family photo looks great - all eyes are open...that RARELY happens over here!

  8. This is beautiful! Blessings to him and to your family!

  9. Congratulations Jonah! What a blessed day!

  10. Congratulations to you Jonah! And to you, Sarah! Love the pictures of your beautiful family. May God bless you all~

  11. Oh Sarah! I really loved this post! Your photos are fabulous and I'm so happy Jonah had such a beautiful day and was chosen to crown Our Lady! And that family photo and the one of the kids... LOVE LOVE LOVE! And you look simply beautiful...really. *sigh* WHY (said in whining tone) can't we live closer (pout face).

  12. This is a beautiful post, Sarah. The sacraments truly are a blessing! Congrats to Jonah!

  13. Oh what a wonderful day for Jonah and his parents :) Receiving Jesus for the first time and you can see the joy written all over his face! The pictures are great, Sarah! I love the family photos :)


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