Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unwanted Attention

I turned off my comments a couple of weeks ago since some people were having problems with the word verification. I thought I'd experiment and see what happens.

I've now had several spam comments left on random posts written back in 2010.

Thankfully, these are Anonymous comments so they aren't posting and I just receive notification in my email. But, it's got me wondering how best to screen this unwanted traffic toward my blog. Is the only best way to do it via the word verification when leaving comments? Anyone know?

While I love traffic here on my blog, I'd really rather not attract any 'ol Tom, Dick or Harry to my little corner of Blogville.


  1. Sarah,
    When I first turned off word verification, I got those weird spam comments, too. But after a couple of weeks, they stopped. I haven't had one in months and months.

    Have your comments gone to the spam folder? Blogger seems pretty good at catching auto comments for my blog.

    Anyway, for me, the matter resolved itself within a few weeks.

  2. Those Spam comments scare I'm word verifying it...One click on what they leave, or where it's from and BOOM, you've got a virus!!! It happened to me once.

    I don't want weeks and weeks of Spam comments that I have to catch!!

    I don't mind word verifying.

  3. I just have all comments sent to my email and I approve them before they publish. I delete any anonymous comments without even having to open the email. I still get random anonymous comments maybe once a day but it's a quick delete from email - no biggie!

    Give those sweet kids a kiss from me :)


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