Thursday, March 22, 2012


Back in the day, I felt like I had it all together. I was on time, my kids' clothing matched even when we were just around home, their faces were washed and fingernails clean.

Now, I'm just glad when I can get out the door and it takes less than fifteen minutes. I'm proud of myself when all kids have been bathed within the same 24 hour time period. I'm almost down-right giddy when we've made it through a day when Margaret didn't have a poop 'blow out'.

It's funny how more children in your care demands that you let go of all of those crazy ideals you once held. It's not about perfection any more, but more about survival.

I had to take Gianna in for her one year doctor check up the other week. That particular day she happened to have a huge knob on the corner of her forehead (from the toilet), a scratch under her eye (from falling and hitting the edge of a plastic mixing bowl that was laying on the floor)and a big scratch by the side of her nose (whereabouts unknown). I reassured the doctor that we weren't really in as rough condition as Gianna would lead him to believe and that she was in no way neglected. lol.

The weather has been so nice and unseasonably warm that we are enjoying it as much as possible. This leads to jackets full of mud and numerous wardrobe changes if we go out several times in a day. Sometimes that may lead to a certain boy wearing the only spare pair of mud boots, which just happen to be pink and purple. Thankfully, he didn't really notice and didn't care when I pointed it out either.

It also prompted hubby to take the kids outside one evening as a quick impromptu post-supper outing. He even grabbed the little girls, threw a hat on Margaret and stuffed her in his coat. She didn't mind a bit and he was proud of his creative ingeniousness. Who needs one of those fancy-shmancy carriers?

And, while we certainly have our share of goo-goo-gaa-gaa moments with little Margaret, she is our fourth. Sometimes the attention she gets is in the form of her watching the other kids more than of them watching her. She's kind of getting used to it.

When I think about our lives lately, I'm happy for the imperfections, the running late and the less than perfect impressions. I couldn't care less, because lately our hearts are full and happy at our house.

We're playing in the mud...

Enjoying the fresh air..

And just plain lovin'...

We wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. Oh yes, I had to let go of many of my perfectionist attitudes as the kids kept on coming :)

    I used to feel mom guilt (who am I kidding, I still do) about not spending as much time with the younger ones as I did with the older ones, but then I remember that these little ones get to have big siblings that give them so much love and attention too, and they really are not lacking for anything.

    Enjoy the fresh air, we're going to hit 80 degrees here today!!!

  2. Four words:
    You are not alone! Hangin' with ya' sista! LOL

  3. You will definitely have days when you feel accomplished...that the kids were all out of pj's by supper...and they've had enough food to keep them out of the kitchen every five minutes between meals! 5 definitely keep me busy...but it's a good busy! :) ~Michelle H. (IRL)

  4. Amen to the imperfections! You should see how many you are willing to have after 7;). If only more in the world could have the same change of heart. Life is so much more than all that; life is so precious, and I wouldn't miss it for all the world. Someday, I will always be on time places, I won't sweat every minute of every day, I will get full nights of sleep, and I will MISS my babies and this time of crazieness. Blessings to you and your family Sarah.

  5. I just finally got around to visiting your blog from your comment on mine several days back. Your children are just beautiful!

    I was wondering, as clicked over here, if you were a mom that I would share mom-styles with. Sure enough, this post on imperfections but full hearts is one feel such a connection to! Its great to "meet" you and I will be sure to follow your blog!

    God bless!


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