Friday, March 2, 2012

One Month And Thriving

Greta is one month old already today!

She's growing already and weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. when she was in at two and a half weeks. My husband even pointed out last week that she is now sporting a cute little double chin.

It's hard to imagine our household without three girls and a boy or without a newborn. Not that we have fully adjusted, but Miss Greta has made adjustment relatively easy. We've had the usual growing pains and a few setbacks, but for the most part I manage to keep juggling all the balls that are thrown our way. I find that the mornings and mealtime seem to be the hardest times due to the extra demands of a newborn and one year old. We're surviving though and each day is flying by at rapid speed. I'm so grateful that it's the winter season and a slower time right now, so that our obligations are few.

As for mama, I'm doing pretty well too. While Greta bulks up, I'm slimming down and feeling pretty darn good. I got the ok from my doc at two weeks postpartum to go ahead with regular activity/exercise, so that has been an added bonus. Yes, fitting in exercising time even minimally several times a week is a challenge. Yes, there are days I'd rather spend my few minutes of down time reading, resting or napping. Some days I do, but other days I take the half hour or fifteen minutes here and there and do my indoor walk or other cardio, resistance training and hip/thigh exercises (they took the biggest gain this pregnancy and need to be slimmed down dramatically IMHO). I took my first outing alone last weekend, even though it was just quickly to Walmart for a few essentials. I also ventured out earlier this week with all four kiddos to take Greta in to meet the staff at hubby's office and take Lily to piano lesson. Otherwise, Reed has been amazing at being my errand servant and
helper in all departments needed.

Big sister Gianna has taken on some changes this month too. She turned one year old and is now our official in-house little girl and no longer baby. *sigh* She's coming into her own and finding a place here as resident tormentor of big brother and screaming/screeching hooligan. She has also figured out now that the little sleeping person in the house will not be leaving any time soon, so she might as well embrace her.

Now, we will find her frequently smelling Greta's feet or hands or trying to give her little kisses. Thankfully, it's still kisses and not head-butts that some other members of the family have been recent recipients of.

All is well and we remind ourselves not to blink, because this time is so fleeting. Spring will be here before we know it. We'll be outdoors enjoying all of the newness it brings while we push along our double stroller of little girls and our big kids zoom past us on their bikes.

This season is ours to fully embrace and enjoy, for it was beautifully given to us by God in His perfect timing.

**Baptism and Birthday photos are still coming. Hopefully next week!


  1. It IS going too fast, isn't it? It seems as though Gretta was born just last week. I was holding up little C the other day and told David she just looks so much bigger all of a sudden (sigh...). Oh, but the joy the future days hold for us as parents, as you wrote about. And little bit is ONE! Craziness I tell you :)

    Good job on the weight. It feels awesome, doesn't it? It was my only Pleasant surprise post partum.

    Have a wonderful weekend up there!

  2. a month already??? She is a beauty, as is Gianna. ;)

  3. Wow, it's been a month already? Our babes are only a month apart? (and your baby is already bigger than mine!) She's adorable!!!

    So is Gianna!
    SO, you have time for reading, resting or napping--that you exercise in instead of? I haven't found that time for resting, napping, reading or anything at all...if a moment pops up, I do laundry or correct papers!!!

    (I blog while pumping--I have a hands free thing) I had this big plan of walking on the treadmill while pumping til I went to actually do it and realized it just won't work, my milk would go all over the place!!! (I need to pump every 4 hours) I'm hoping to get out walking with baby when the weather is warmer.

    I have to agree mealtimes and mornings are the hardest.

    I feel so stretched so thin (mentally, wished it were physically)

    I'm glad you are finding somewhat of a routine. I think of you all the time!


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