Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding My Mommy Legs

No, I'm not going to show you my post-pregnancy legs. Even though I'm sure you'd all love to see them.

Instead, this is more of a post about settling in and getting readjusted and acclimated to slowing down again. Now that we are almost six weeks postpartum, life seems to be moving back into the direction of normalcy and routine.

We're fine tuning and tweaking all of the to do's that command the day, but we're making steady progress. That's a good feeling.

I'm feeling like I CAN juggle and keep things going each day. It probably helps that I'm not as tired and weathered as I felt during the first few weeks. I've mastered the fine art of carrying both little girls as once, picking up one of them while already holding the other and so many other contortionist maneuvers than I care to mention.

Of course, all of this is made do-able by an extremely helpful husband, two older kids that are helpful to some degree and a baby that only wakes once during the night. All of those factors definitely contribute to helping mommy find her place in motherhood again and feel confident in doing so.

I'm a little unsteady on these legs some days, but I get by. I remind myself often that I am in the company of some very heroic and amazing women who manage many littles every day.

Step by step and day by day I'm granted the grace to do the very same thing.


With those thought provoking words, let me now turn to discussing my actual physical legs on which I daily stand.

These back-to-back pregnancies did a number on my legs in the spider vein department. Please tell me you can commiserate? And while you're at it, please tell me you have found a miracle cure/way to fix these things that does not involve a medical professional. Is that possible? Any and all suggestions, as always, are most welcome.

Not that I'm being vein vain, but I would like to still look like I'm in my early thirties not well beyond. I'd like these legs to look decent for another 100,000 miles or so, even if it is just for me (and my husband) that see a good portion of them.


  1. My mom has the worst vericose veins I have ever seen, and they hurt her too, poor thing. She has just always worn pants since I can remember. It's definitely a cross for her. Luckily I didn't really get the veins, but I did get some AWFUL stretch marks on my belly and TONS of loose hanging skin. I think it's so disgusting, and makes dressing difficult, but Phil calls them my battle wounds for all my pregnancy wars :) It's a good thing to have little imperfections so that we don't get too vain!! Besides, when I really think about it, I would have gone through anything to get my awesome kiddos, so a flabby and cat-scratched looking belly aren't such a bad price to pay!!

  2. I've had some spider veins since I was in high school, my mom has them, so I think it's genetic. She never found a way to get rid of them, she tried various creams etc, but none of them work. Thankfully mine aren't bad, only see them with a swimming suit really, but you aren't alone! Let me know if you find a way to get rid of them!

  3. Veins...another badge of motherhood. The more pregnancies you have, the worse they become. And it is hereditary most times.

    As far as I know, unfortunately, time is the only cure outside of seeing a doctor who removes them. I have aquired some new ones myself.

    Support hose help A LOT. I cannot stress that enough. But who wants to wear them all the time...after pregnancy?

    It can be much worse I'm afraid. My mom has terrible vericose veins, wears support hose every single day of her life and has passed clots or have had clots surgically removed.

    She has always stressed good shoes and support hose.

    Wish I had better news :)

  4. Support hose I've heard is all you can do, for the pain and if you are at risk for blood clots...

    I don't have many, but a few big ones...age gracefully...you are still beautiful!!

    I'm amazed at how wonderful you are doing...schedule, routine? Foreign words to me...

  5. "Badge of motherhood" - I agree! Some changes in our bodies are just signs of love and sacrifice. My problem veins are much higher up - but when I need relief, those $100 hose really do help.

    Keep up the good work - it's difficult to be in the trenches but your efforts will pay dividends!


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