Monday, October 4, 2010

A Whole Lotta Sunshine

Sunny days fill the landscape of our autumn surroundings and we are completely enjoying them.

When I needed a snack idea for Little Flowers last week, I rummaged around and found a cute cupcake recipe I had pulled from a magazine.

Feeling Sunshiny? Check out the recipe over here.


  1. Ah! Those are so cute! How do you like LF's? My girls are in a group as well.

  2. Patty, we really enjoy Little Flowers. Our group is just starting Wreath II this year. Lily has a lot of fun and it's our fun little monthly 'date' out as mother-daughter too.

  3. LOVE these!! Thanks:)

    Glad you're feeling so sunny Hun:) I'm still so excited about Baby's good news last week!! Happy 21 weeks!!!

  4. Mmmmm, yummy sunny in my tummy :)


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