Friday, October 29, 2010

Hibernation And Nesting

You know, I think we could learn a lot from the animals. I don't think we give them enough credit for their instinctive actions. Most of the birds from around here fly south for the winter. As do retirees and we call them 'snowbirds', but I call them wise. Other animals find a warm, cozy place for their fluffy, overweight selves to hibernate. Best idea yet.

Oh sure, we're not animals and we do have obligations and duties that make us the responsible humans that we are. But when the wind starts howling, the temperature drops and weather forecasts give indications of first snowfalls, this mom starts getting in hibernating/hunkered down mode. You're right, I am not made to live in Minnesota. We come from hardy descendants though and we are tied with resilient heart-strings to our families and we just can't bear to leave this wonderful state.

Until the first snow flies...

So, when the first flurries began and the winds were howling and moaning out my window, creating slushy roads and reminders of winter realities, I couldn't help but think. You know, because I'm starting to feel like a mama bear these days. Big and rounded and testy. It's those hormones of course.

It's just fine though because I've got a baby in my belly that is gonna start growing like crazy in these next 15 or so weeks. There are holidays, holy days and happy days that will fill our calendar just enough to keep us busy. I've already begun all of the nesting and preparing. Trust me, even hubby was questioning my sanity when it all began last weekend. Why was I wandering around tearing into numerous projects, re-organizing and throwing things away like a mad woman? It's the change of season, the chilly weather and general nesting hitting me full throttle.

I started to wonder aloud, ponder and fret while hubby listened and chuckled. Why does it matter what we get the kids for Christmas RIGHT NOW? Why does it matter what kind of gifts we'll buy for this baby in a few years because we have so many 'things' already? What do you mean will this baby feel loved? Oh yes, I was all over the map and ever-patient-one that my dear husband is, he took it all in stride. You know, sometimes it's overwhelming (my new favorite word, just ask hubby) being so planned and organized.

In making plans for the coming months and Christmas preparations, I re-read my post from last year. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed the Advent season last year. I stayed out of the stores and we focused together as a family on the true meaning of Christmas. I think this will work out perfectly for my hibernation-while-baby-is-growing scenario and will also allow for some more wonderful memories and days at home.

I guess I better get plugging away at that Christmas shopping list, even though I'm planning on keeping it rather simplified and gifts more thought out/meaningful rather than spendy. I've got a little over a month to do it in an effort to keep with my December 1st deadline. I think I'm up for the challenge.

There's sure to be more nesting ahead too amidst my restful hibernation. After all, we all know that the state of every nook and cranny along with every closet in our house will really matter to this precious little one we are awaiting. Um, sure it will.


  1. LOVE it:) If it makes you feel any better, I wrote out our Christmas to-do shopping last a month ago:)
    I very much enjoyed the hunkered down pregnant feeling last winter. And don't worry about the shopping...that's what online shopping is for. I did a TON of Christmas shopping online last year and learned that if you give an email to anyone, you'll get free shipping or some other great deal that makes you wonder why you ever walked into a store during the holiday season. Black Friday and the Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) are GREAT days to find deals online.

  2. Just realized that it's Friday afternoon and I never did call you this week. How does next week look for you?

  3. You are more than entitled, and only one state away, I don't want to leave the house either! ;)

  4. You are nesting early, that's all! With each of my pregnancies, I can vividly remember having one day that I would breakdown. How would I do it? How can I love this baby as much as my other kids? How were we going to make it? You get the point. I think you're completely entitled to a day or days like this. You're going through a lot right now :) Happy Nesting!


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