Monday, October 11, 2010

Mommy Matters: Intimates

Finally back with a Mommy Matters post. Somehow they got lost in the shuffle of things around here, but rest assured I've still got a number of questions that need answering before this baby arrives!

So yes, today I decided to focus on 'intimates'. Specifically, bras. I just didn't want that word sitting up there hanging out on the top post. You never know who might get here with that word up there.

I'm going to lay it out there and be honest, so please don't blush. I promise, it won't be THAT detailed.

Let's just say that I've grown in more areas than my belly during this pregnancy already and honestly I'm getting a little worried. At this rate, things are gonna be awfully large before baby arrives and if nursing is in my future (which I'm hoping it is) then we're gonna really be gettin' big. Yikes. Here again, since it's been some time that I've been this abundant, perhaps I've forgotten that I was this large before. It's hard to say.

What can you tell me about maternity bras? Nursing bras? What I'm finding online is an acknowledgment that there is indeed a difference between the two, but in my searching I'm also finding that it is almost impossible to find maternity bras and every site only shows nursing bras. I don't remember having a problem wearing a normal bra during my pregnancies before, but I'm wondering if opting for a maternity bra (if I can locate one) would be a better choice.

Do you mind sharing? What do you do/wear at the later portion of your pregnancy? Where do you shop for your bras? Brands? Stores? Any other suggestions or recommendations? They are appreciated.

**Note: I promise I won't giggle if you start to blush while commenting.


  1. For me, even growing as much as I do during pregnancy, I don't get much larger than a full B or a barely C cup. So, this information probably won't relate much to you.

    For pregnancy, I buy normal bras a size or two up. Nothing fancy, just basic and inexpensive ones for a little bit of support. I try to avoid underwires as much as possible because they make me sweat more and can increase the risk of developing skin tags :(

    For after pregnancy, I love nursing bras. There are so many different ones out there that you should just try them out and see what you like. My favorite ones have actually come from Target which surprised me. But, for those first couple of weeks and whenever I'm at home, I really, really prefer nursing tanks. They are so comfortable, easy to wear, easy to nurse with and much cooler to help with all that extra sweating.

  2. I am so large before babies that when I get preggers and am nursing, well, I am just soooo huge that well, with this last baby when I got new bras I didn't know the letters went up that far for bras!!!!

    (I'm serious)

    Just look at the pictures in my last post....all boob.

    It's so embarrassing.
    I go to the maternity store at the outlet mall though, and I always just get nursing bras, so it's less expensive!

    (because bras this big are very expensive!)

    I'm not blusing, not every gonna run either.

  3. I usually just wear normal bras until I need to jump up and then I wear nursing bras. I find it is worth it to buy a couple different ones online and return the ones that aren't comfortable for the ones I liked.

    I prefer nursing bras because 1. they are generally comfortable and allow for some size change 2. can use them before and after baby.

    I have never bought a maternity bra specifically so I don't know if there would be an advantage?

    And seeing as the toddler is climbing on my arm--I suppose that's all I have to say! :) happy shopping!

  4. I'm not a fan of nursing bras. I've always found them to be anything but supportive, so I wear plain, basic bras throughout the pregnancy.

    I wear a size or two up during the pregnancy, and I actually wear them while nursing as well. Because they don't have a wire, I can just flip those bad boys up or down and we're good to go. I LOVE not having to snap anything one handed:) And I actually find that I don't need to use the little sticky part of the nursing pad when I wear a normal bra. The regular bras hold them in quite nicely:)

    Happy shopping:)

  5. During pregnancy, I simply buy larger regular bras. If you are unsure of your size, go to a store like Victoria Secret and get fitted. You don't have to buy bras there, but at least you'll know your size.

    As for nursing bras, I really can't help you there. Sorry.

    Good luck! =)

  6. It's been so long that I can't recall that far? But, just so you know, I was getting ready to post about finding some good, non-ride up underwear. :)

  7. My advice is to go with nursing bras. If you find ones you like, they are as comfortable as regular bras. Plus, if you are like me, your size while nursing does fluxuate a bit as your milk comes in, growth spurts happen, longer stretches occur between feedings...I have bras in two different sizes while nursing and I wear them both off and on throughout our nursing times - often switching for different days in the same week. Odds are good that while you are nursing you will at some point be the size that you are now, so I'd go with nursing bras.

  8. OK, I'm one of the unlucky women whose boobs don't grow during pregnancy or nursing :( But, I buy my nursing bras at Kohls. Thy are comfortable, and I can always get a good coupon there. I'm sure your hubby is hating your new assets ;)

  9. Such good advice here I can only echo - just get a larger normal bra for now. Wait until near the end to buy a nursing bra.

    I am like Jamie - so large. I usually order online so I can find my correct size. I order several brands and sizes, keep the best ones, then send the rest back. This time I liked the Le Leche League brand the best.

    Good luck - I am still praying that the rest of your pregnancy goes well!


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