Monday, October 25, 2010

My Sole Dilemma

Have you been shoe shopping lately? Although I am not in the least a shoe fashionista, I occasionally like to buy a new pair. No, I'm not talking about anything super fancy, outrageously expensive or even the sacrifice of comfort for fashion statement. I don't care. I go with Reed's motto 'Are they comfortable? Then get them. If they're not, don't buy them' along with mine 'As long as they don't look like grandma shoes..'.

I realize that I'm in a bit of a hormonal state with numerous parts of my body growing weekly, but I'm fairly sure that my feet have not taken a size jump in this pregnancy. Thankfully, they didn't with Jonah either. With Lily, they did more than their fair share of growing-a whole size or more! But, when I pull a pair of shoes out from my closet they all still fit. However, when I try on shoes at the store I'm finding that a half size up fits better. I seem to have noticed this change not just recently, but maybe even as long as over the last year or possibly two.

Tell me that I'm not imagining it. In fact, I'm almost sure that in the past few months I either read an article or heard a news story validating this fact that manufacturers were changing the sizing. You know, as in what they used to make as a womens size 8 is now actually an 8 1/2. Anyone else? I couldn't possibly be crazy and just imagining all of this. Or could I?

At this rate, I'm going to start feeling like a giant about any day now....


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! Blessings to you on this special day!

    Haven't noticed the size change...I have actually been buying a 1/2 size smaller than what I have in the past. Terry just bought 2 new pair of boots and they were actually smaller too. I went through the stage for many years though, that if a 7 felt good I would buy a 7 1/2. I agree with you and Reed that if a shoe isn't comfortable, it isn't worth buying. I don't like shoe shopping! I am the only one in my family that doesn't.

  2. I used to always buy size 8's and in the past couple years have moved up to 8.5. I thought that was really weird, glad I'm not the only one! Phil always wore size 12 shoes, but we just went to the shoe store recently and he had his feet measured, and he's actually a size 13! Poor guy, no wonder he was always getting blisters :(

  3. Is it your birthday? Happy birthday to you!

    When I was pregnant, my feet always widened. Eventually, they did go back to my "normal" size. It wasn't overnite though.

    I LOVE the brand of CLARKS. I use to wear them when I was a teacher in the school system. And stylish, too.

  4. I've had to go up a size--I've noticed it more in running-type shoes than in others. I thought it was just my feet had grown from all these babies! :)


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