Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Flowers Luncheon

As part of the Little Flowers program, they encourage a Tea for the girls and their mothers. Instead of going with the Tea option, I decided that a little luncheon would still be dainty and cute and work out best for our group.

The weather didn't cooperate as much as I would've liked, but thankfully it didn't rain. It was cloudy and windy, so that kept us from having an outdoor garden party type event. In the end, I think everything turned out just fine despite eating indoors. Everyone had a wonderful time!

I thought I would share photos for your viewing enjoyment. Please excuse the fact that I didn't seem to get any photos of the mothers at all and forgot to get a shot of all of the food before we served. I guess I was too busy watching the girls enjoy themselves!

~The Tables Are Set~

Mothers Table:

Little Flowers Table:

~The Food Is Prepared~

(We also served fresh fruit and veggie pizza)

~Game Time~

Lawn Games:

Tea Tray Game (Memory Game):

"She Likes It, She Likes It Not":

~St. Therese Craft~

~Our Little Flowers~

Thanks to Jessica, once again for all of her postings which really helped me with our luncheon and throughout the year. She just posted her photos from her Little Flowers Tea last weekend. They are pretty darn cute, so go check them out!


  1. Great job Sarah!! It turned out beautiful, your daughter will treasure this day forever!

  2. Everything turned out just beautiful and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!

  3. This looks so fun! Great work! And I LOVE the picture of the girls in their hats outside playing yard games. :)

  4. what a lovely tea luncheon. I love the varied hats the Flowers wore, and their dressing up was delightful for the moms I'm sure. I'm looking forwrd to starting a Little Flowers Group -- my daughter is 3. soon soon ....

  5. great job tailoring your celebration to fit your needs and desires. the girls looked very pleased!
    pax Christi - lena


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