Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Garden Tour

We found a nest in our shrubs in front of our porch recently. This week, some new little birds (we think they are catbirds) hatched. See them peeking out? The kids were especially fascinated at how tiny the were.

Blooms this week:

Primrose in my backyard box planter

A few Hostas in the backyard are also flowering

This plant is also blooming, but it's name seems to escape me. Do you know what it is?

Jacob's Ladder

Another pretty one, but I can't recall its name either...Bee Balm?

Delphinium in Natalie's Garden

Daylilies in the front terrace

How does your garden grow? Tracy's hosting a garden tour each week over at Pinewood Castle. Join in and share your photos and leave a comment so I can stop on by your garden!


  1. That's not bee balm, but I don't know what it is!


    I have a ton of vacation pictures to unload...hubby home, not sure I'll get to Friday garden thingy today!!

    Your recipe looks delicious!

  2. what lovely flowers. i know the names of the flowers that you already know, none of the ones you don't know. the primrose is beautiful isn't it?

  3. It is bearded tongue...I have one in my garden.


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