Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden Tour

Over at Pinewood Castle last Friday, Tracy shared her garden photos and invited anyone to join in. I thought it would be fun to snap some photos and join her this week. Feel free to share yours as well. Leave a comment if you do, I'd enjoy seeing how your garden grows!

First, I thought I'd show you a few of my flowers not necessarily in gardens, but just around our yard:

In case you missed it in my Daybook, this one is by the swing set

Under a tree

By the playhouse door

In an old corn planter

Begonias & Spider plants in pots; Astilbe & Jacob's Ladder planted

The Gardens:

Front Terrace

Hosta, Hardy Geranium, Daylily & Salvia


Perennial (Natalie's) Garden



Box Perennial Garden

The Dead Nettle is spreading like crazy. I just planted it last year.

Hosta/Mum Garden (newest addition)

Vegetable Garden

Yellow & Green Beans are up!

Tomatoes & Green Peppers

Thanks for coming along on my little tour! I hope to post more throughout the summer as my gardens grow and blossom.


  1. I like all of the unique containers you planted flowers in! You have lovely landscaping and gardens, Sarah.

  2. what a beautiful garden -- love the washer bin (?) and the other metal piece you used for flower pots. very unique and homey. I like that you have separate areas for gardening. and the dead nettle is beautioful. I just posted about mine -- they are spreading like crazy this year too.

  3. Your yard looks beautiful!! Come visit and help me, okay?

  4. Oh.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!

    Can I come and stay with you and just retreat at your house!?? Your grounds are LOVELY!! I had no idea you had such a green thumb!!!


    okay, no really, a visit MUST be in order! Wouldn't that be so fun!?

  5. No wonder you are excited about Garden Tour Friday - beautiful! Unique containers and wonderful choice of plants and arrangements. Gorgeous, Sarah!

  6. Thank you for your kind words ladies!

    Our yard and the flowers is what happens when a mama gets stuck inside in the freezing cold MN winters for too long! :)

    I enjoy these gardens for the few months I do get to work in them and look forward to springtime each year when they all reappear.

    And yes, any of you ladies are more than welcome for a visit ANY TIME or perhaps I will be able to come see you sometime very soon I hope :)

  7. It is nice that I am able to make the short walk across the lawn to see the beautiful flowers Sarah has. She definitely has a green thumb and hoping that it rubs off on her neighbors yard!

  8. Oh my GOODNESS!! Your gardens are gorgeous! Such wonderful containers and landscaping...good work! Enjoy the beauty, this summer!


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