Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, Poo-Poo!

Assuming that my children are normal and go through many of the same things a child in any other home goes through, there are stages. If it's not one stage, it's another. Good or bad, easy or difficult, typical or just plain weird.

But do you ever wonder about things they say and where they originate from? Like how your son has called his blanket 'Saba' since FOREVER and insists that it be called just that and only that. Or that 'Saba' has a gender (it's male).

And how is it that these little catch phrases or sayings only they truly understand and can giggle mindlessly over for hours? I suppose it's our adulthood that gets in the way. And why are these things really things you'd rather they not repeat in public for fear of what 'real people' might think?

The latest in our home started sometime a few months ago, but has escalated since after Christmas and it continues on a daily basis. Ready? Here it is:

Whoopee Cushion!

Yes, as in this:

I will overhear my children using it in so many random instances while they play that I cannot even count the ways!

'This is my baby, Whoopee Cushion.'
'Here's the new engine, Whoopee Cushion.'
'Come here, you Whoopee Cushion.'
'Haha. That sounds like a Whoopee Cushion.'
'I just made supper. We're having Whoopee Cushions.'

And while this is all very silly, it's funnier still that my children had not even seen a Poo-Poo Cushion until we visited a family member at Christmas time. Until then, it was just a word they heard somewhere and instantly clung to humoring it's oddity.

A part of Childhood Fascination, no doubt. Although peculiar to us adults, ever so laughable to the little ones in our house.

How about your house? Care to share the latest laughable?


  1. My oldest sons, "Guess who? chicken you, Guess why? chicken thigh, Guess what? chicken butt!" and they crack up! I tried adding guess where, chicken hair, but they didn't think it was funny! Oh well!

  2. Oh, my!!! I laughed until I had tears in my eyes on this one!!!!

    I have lots of those...but this old brain just has to think of them....I'll be back....if I remember to!

    Thanks for the great laugh this morning!!!

    **have you been watching the Newlywood show? (that's the only place I've ever heard "Whoopie Cushion" way's an old show)

  3. A Poo-Poo Cushion...I LOVE it!! Thanks for the laugh.

    I tend to find the kids' laughter one of the greatest sounds of our days at home together...when they are laughing TOGETHER at something.

    Becuase we're so young here, they just like to run around after eachother while screaming at the same time. Apparently that's reason enough to laugh. Normally we don't run or scream (at least our household rules don't normally allow us to) but when they are doing it I don't stop them b/c I LOVE to hear the 2 of them laughing together.

    Happy weekend!!

  4. Hey Sarah, when you get a chance, check out my giveaway winner :)

  5. Our new thing is the fart sounds made with their mouths, the girls do it, Nicholas doesn't. It was cute the first night, but now every time they sit down to eat, they start doing it!! and laughing all the way!

    I remembered a weird thing my son used to do, it drove me crazy! He would not eat anything brown. No brown on eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, nothing brown. I did learn how to make a perfect "no brown egg"! He's better now though.

    When he was littler, he would name one dinosaur (he loved dinos as a littler one) anyway, he'd always name one "sexy". We think he was actually naming it "sixy" but he'd say sexy. SO embarassing!!! I know he never heard the word, so it had to be six he was referring to, right?


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