Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well Done!

I'm proud. There, I said it. This is not something I'd normally share for fear that I was bragging, but when Lily took her Peabody Individual Achievement Test on Saturday and received excellent results I couldn't help but share them.

Being fully confident in her abilities and intelligence, I still needed to see the results of her testing to be sure of where she was actually at in her learning abilities. You know, I'm new to this homeschooling thing and although we are confident in our convictions and our school days and curriculum, sometimes it helps to have confirmation in all of that.

I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity to homeschool and encourage our children to blossom and thrive in our home. For us, it's the right fit and obviously, so far it's working.


  1. Wow!!! A HUGE congrats to you and Lily! Definitely well done. :)

  2. You go, you awesome mommy/teacher/wife/friend/Catholic/blogger woman!!! You are obviously doing a lot of things right :)

  3. You Go, Girl!! (That's for both you and Lily)

  4. I love those Peabody tests!!! Great job mama!!

    We take ours in 2 weeks! Katherine is so excited to take them. They sure do give us many reasons to keep homeschooling, don't they?

  5. I need more info from you on the Peabody test and who you have administer it. Great job.


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