Friday, February 5, 2010

Hi-Lo: February 5th

(Brought to you by Martin Family Moments)


1. On Saturday, I was renewed along with over 100 other ladies at a Women's Conference. It left me with some things to ponder on this week.

2. Jonah successfully counted to 100 this week!! He needed a little bit of help on the 10's occasionally, but it's a HUGE deal for this boy to even sit and make the effort. Trust me, he's gotten A LOT of praise for his latest accomplishment!

3. I received a call yesterday from the woman who will administer Lily's Peabody Assessment Testing. Someone rescheduled, so she can fit Miss Lily in this Saturday. This is great since the testing is done in a city an hour away and we just happen to be going there Saturday any way. A combined trip! Hooray!

4. I met someone who I think I may have more in common with than I thought. And, I think that we just might become good friends. It happens to be my male Dr. K's wife and she just so happens to be my new Creighton Model! Although I have been rebelling at the thought of further NFP instruction in order to hopefully benefit from it in our infertility diagnosis, I finally took the leap. I think I'm glad I did.

5. The kids and I took a long walk through the swamp and woods behind our house yesterday. The weather was kind of icky/hazy/misty, but temps. were in the twenties. Not too bad to head out for an adventure. Only thing missing was Daddy.


1. The pizza/birthday party for Lily's two little friends had to be rescheduled. Unfortunately, both girls came down with the flu overnight. Lily and I were bummed, but it gives us something to look forward to again.

2. This is Reed's busy time at work. Although he is grateful (as am I) that he has a steady job, this time of year also poses many deadlines with extra work and added stress. As much as he tries to keep work at his work place, he's only human.

How was your week? What were the Highs you celebrated and the Lows you embraced?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Did you say you walked out when the temperature was in the twenties???
    Oh my goodness, I am such a wimp!! When Emily had her t-ball practice a couple of days ago, it was in the low 60's, maybe high 50's, and I could barely stand it! Anyway, I bet your walk was beautiful!

  2. We just learned the Creighton model after our fourth was born, and we LOVE it. It has really worked for us in spacing children, and I don't have to take my temperature anymore. Yay! However, I don't think we do everything we are supposed to, and I don't know it as well as I should, so we are still extra cautious. When you learn it, maybe you can share any tips. I hope this helps!! And what does Reed do for a job? Is he an accountant? Congrats to Jonah for the high counting...what a great milestone :)

  3. Colleen, we had been Billings model users, but my cycles have unfortunately gotten a little less explainable so the more extensive observations may prove beneficial in my situation. I'll have to keep you all updated. Reed is a city assesor, so once the new year begins he has to go through all of the properties and change values, etc. and he works with the county who has some unreasonable expectations sometimes. They have many more on staff and for Reed it's just himself and an assistant assesor. This is our least favorite time of year.


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