Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi-Lo: December 18th


1. Last weekend we spent plenty of time around home baking and outside sledding. It was a relief after the previous weekend. Wonderful family time.

2. On Monday, I had lunch with two friends. It was so nice to catch up again and visit, minus the little ones.

3. I'm feeling better this week, after having a rough time last week. Food wasn't enticing and my tummy was very upset (which would lead you to make an assumption here, but no, it wasn't that). I concluded that it had to do with my hormonal changes and my Metformin. It seems that it's working for me and making good changes, but my body doesn't always like that and respond well to it. SO GLAD this week was better!

4. Sweet baby girls were brought into the world this last week. Congratulations to Meredith and Jessica on their baby blessings!

5. I received Stacey's cookbook in the mail the other day. It is so darn cute! (Why don't you have one yet?!) I'm eager to try many of the recipes, but I had to whip up this yummy Cinnamon Coffee Cake first:

(Psst....I have an extra copy for a giveaway this winter...Stay Tuned!)


1. My third Great-Niece still has not arrived. We're hoping she makes it in time for her pre-Christmas debut! Hang in there Angie!

What were your Highs and Lows this week?


  1. OH, man, that coffee cake looks sooo good!

    I want to win that give-away!!

    Oh, and happy blogiversary!!
    I've been doing this almost 2 years and didn't even pay attention to the date last year, I'll have to try to this next February!

  2. Thanks for playing, Sarah! And I hope your great-neice (gosh that makes you sound old!) makes it out before Dec 31st...for tax benefits, of course :)

  3. Hello Sarah! Happy Anniversary! Just wanted to ask for prayers for our family. I am the one that comments and knows Fr.Andy. My husband was just told that he will be laid off the end of this month. Any prayers are appreciated. That's my low. Hi...just started Homeopathy and it seems to be working for me. Cheri


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