Monday, December 7, 2009

Thoughts On St. Nick

Yesterday was the feast of St. Nicholas and we celebrated. Where, then, are my photos? Well, they are captured in my memory this year and not on my camera. And I'm okay with that.

A whirlwind of a weekend that kept us moving from one place to another, pretty much left the camera in my purse as I became more tired by weekend's end.

You see, we aren't big 'movers and shakers', my family and I. We enjoy getting out, but enjoy simple bliss at home on a weekend too. This past weekend was a busy one for us. We headed to my parent's house an hour away to spend the afternoon on Saturday and the night as well.

There was a Holiday Tour of Homes in my hometown we decided to take in. It was only four older homes with an abundance of history, but they were all decorated for Christmas. Some, more than others and I'll admit that I should have photos of the first home in particular. Oh was it gorgeous! Every nook and cranny was decorated tastefully, creatively and beautifully. But then, the owner's daughter did admit that her mother has over 30 bins FULL of decorations for Christmas. (And I complained about bringing out our 10 or so!) After the tour, we headed to Saturday evening Mass and a special guest arrived for the children afterward. Yes, good St. Nick made an appearance and brought treat bags with an apple and candy for the kids. And Jonah? He hid under the pew! Oh yes, he still wanted the bag of goodies, but wasn't about to come out for them. Bless her heart, an older lady after Mass found that Jonah was without and went and found him one of the leftover bags.

And overnight rest and then it was up at 5:30 am. For little boys who had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of treats from St. Nick all week, the time was none too early. But then, upon seeing that his gift was a book and a small set of Kid K'nex, instead of a beloved Thomas the train item....well, you can only imagine. After all, everyone wants to wake up to a little boy crying and shouting because he got a gift, right? No, we didn't have the cute little child all grateful for the thoughtfulness of St. Nick like many other blogging mom's did. But, he did come around...eventually. Credit to big sister though, she thoroughly loved her gift!

With that wonderful start to the day, Hubby and I got ready and made our half hour drive that morning to speak to engaged couples at our diocesan Marriage Course weekend. Do you remember our topic? Sexuality, in case you forgot. I wasn't feeling well, dealing with the nerves I usually get and then making a bad choice and chugging a cup of hot cocoa just before speaking. That hit me fast and left me feeling less-than-chipper about speaking on the topic at hand. I did muddle through, thanks to Reed's assistance.

And on from there we went. Picked up the kids in a flash at my parents and then off to our homeschool group's St. Nick party. I brought my cookies to share and there were plenty of other goodies and snacks for potluck. Afterward, the children sat for a story and were surprised with a visitor. Any guesses? Also want to guess which little boy ran from the front of the room? Yup, mine. Again, St. Nick treat bags for all the children, followed by a Talent Show from the children who had the courage. Of which, my children, had none. We've gotta work on that.

It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate St. Nick in many realms and be reminded of my fond childhood memories of our St. Nicholas traditions and my uncle who dressed up each year, stood outside, blessed our home and left us treats. All while we watched and knelt from our dining room window.

It also brought to mind that next year we should change our St. Nick traditions and just stick to an orange and some candy for our kids. It would make the heartbreak of children so much easier.


  1. Oh, I have a very...let's say painfully shy boy too. I thought it'd get better as he got older, but it hasn't, he loves one on one, but no group things.

    The girls on the other hand, are the exact opposite. They love to dance and sing in front of people and make friends wherever they go!

    10 bins? Wow! I just don't like to have that much stuff, I only have 2 boxes full, maybe would fill 1 1/2 bins of Christmas stuff and a large (Sam's Club) nativity set!

    Tom's mom could put her home in one of those tours, she takes everything off all her shelves and replaces it with items for the season, it's amazing how much she has and does!

    I'm sure your talk went good, if only one person was affected, it is all worth it. You planted many seeds I'm sure!

  2. I love the honesty of this post, Sarah. Sometimes our kids just don't react the way we would hope and that's ok. They each have their unique God-given personalities. Our boy might not be the run-from-the-room type but is reluctant to try anything new. He gets easily frustrated if he can't do a new thing well. Once he gets going, though he doesn't want to stop.

    I was thinking - good thing that Black Peter wasn't along! I once considered a very traditional Catholic school for our children but decided against it mostly because they did have Black Peter visit along with St. Nicholas. I thought it would really freak the kids out.

    Here's to a restful week after a busy weekend.


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