Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Faith Like Potatoes

We recently watched this movie through Netflix as a family. And we all really enjoyed it. But I must ask, what is with me and movies with accents recently? We struggled to understand large portions of this movie and ended up opting to get those subtitles working in a hurry! Of course, this also came in handy as some of the characters spoke in Zulu.

It seemed like a rather simple, straight-forward plot identifying a man's journey back to simple faith. In the beginning, we were stunned by the anger (and probably underlying sadness within)that the main character, Angus Buchan, exhibited.

We watched as the Buchan family, farmers, moved out of the conflict in Zambia to South Africa and struggled with their mere plot of land. They meet many challenges throughout and their faith is tested. This leads Angus to a deep conversion as his desires turn toward those of spirituality and faith and away from the wealth and prosperous farming he had tried to attain.

I enjoyed the characters and watching the beauty of the South African people. Many lessons to be learned, I'd say. I must admit, that the character of Simeon especially touched me. His timid and forbearing nature shined through. Acting or not, it was a believable character anyone would fall in love with.

Probably not my absolute favorite movie (am I that hard to please?), but an inspiring one for sure.


  1. I am really hard to please with movies as well...still loving Princess Bride :)

  2. Sarah,

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