Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It Doesn't Always Go As Planned

This Christmas I was taught a lesson in just living in the moment and surrendering my preciously laid-out, perfected plans. Lest you forget, I'm a planner by trade and by choice and I hang on plans that I have laid out weeks before an event. That is just how I operate.

But when a winter storm is predicted and it's threatening to ruin your Christmas, well, at some point you have to make a decision. You either go for it and stuff everything into the van in order to travel on over to your parents or you wait it out with the understanding that you just may be foregoing the beautiful family Christmas you have been anticipating for months.

We chose to wait. And at some point I had to be okay with the fact that this would be my very first Christmas in 31 years that I would not spend Christmas day with my parents. I will admit, I cried and was emotional as I flip-flopped back and forth between staying and leaving. Afterall, the rest of my family who were to also be in attendance at my parents' home, would not be able to arrive due to the storm. Although I dearly wanted to spend the time with my parents, we would also be missing those who could not join us. Our family enjoys extending the Christmas Season for as long as we can, so who's to say that it has to be done ON December 25th? My parents assured me that they would be fine and we didn't need to venture out with the kids on the snow-covered roads.

In the end, it did all work out and we spent four days mostly hunkered down at home. Doing nothing in particular, but spending time together just the four of us. We played outside in the snow and went for walks. Visited the family who is near (just down the driveway and next door), played with our new gadgets and we ate to our hearts content.

Even though it wasn't the Christmas I had envisioned, it was a memorable one filled with many treasured moments as a family. That's what was most important, afer all.



  1. We all know that God thinks our plans are the funniest jokes ever! Are you going to reschedule your big family Christmas gathering?

  2. My Mom used to say make plans and watch God laugh! Glad it was a good but different Christmas

  3. aww, I'm SO sorry things didn't work out, but that you could see the grace in all the new plans you did. I hope your family can get together soon!

    Much love!

  4. This was my first Christmas in 31 years without my parents too. It was weird looking at her pictures of Christmas day and knowing we missed it. Happy New Year.


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