Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Beginning Of The End Has Come


It's Here! We're coming on the Triduum, those holiest days of the liturgical calendar. 
Based on how my Monday was going, I was pretty sure this was not the holiest week of the year or maybe it was and that's why it was so stinkin' *blah*.

But then, the sun came out and the weather turned beautiful.

What a foreshadowing of the upcoming days, right? 
The gloom, the dark, before the sunshine, the celebration.

I'm trying to add an atmosphere of prayerfulness and meaning to our Holy Week. The kids are older and even some of it the little girls will be able to remember as well. Making traditions and significance is so meaningful, however simple they are. Like on Palm Sunday, we go out for brunch as a family. We recently started that one and it's a treat being that we rarely eat out.

Thanks to Kendra's helpful post last week, I was able to actually do some planning in advance. Don't worry if you haven't or it's not elaborate, but do what you can, if you can, in your domestic church.

Today we're taking Kendra's suggestion and doing Spy Wednesday, but the kids don't know it yet. I'll hide 30 pieces of silver (quarters) for the kids to find and play the part of little Judases. They'll totally get into the money part, but I'll be sure to throw in the significance of Judas' betrayal. 

For tomorrow, Holy Thursday, we'll still continue on with school in the morning. After lunch I plan to take the kids on a 'field trip' and follow the tradition of The Seven Churches Visitation. Living in rural central Minnesota means there are many beautiful Catholic churches within (relatively) close driving distance. We'll pray two stations of the cross at each and you better bet I'll take photos to post next week.

Prior to heading to Mass that evening, we're planning a small scale, realistic, seder type meal with our family. I found this in my online searching so as to find real foods that my family will still eat, but hold significance. 

Reed and I are also planning on washing the kids' feet before Mass. It should help hold a bit more meaning and I think even the girls will catch on when they again see it being done later at Mass. 

Good Friday we try to keep simple and Reed takes the day off from work. We'll make pretzels together for lunch and later in the afternoon attend Good Friday service at our parish.

Holy Saturday will be busy with Easter preparations both at home (we're hosting this year) and decorating at church as well.  Again, I'm sure there will be photos to post next week. 

May the coming days be blessed and fruitful for you and your family.

I'll see you on the other side. 


  1. I wish I had seen Kendra's post sooner! I know it will be a beautiful, meaningful, and prayerful Triduum for you and your little ones.

    I had the same thought on Monday ;) But it is going to be alright. I love the Mass of the Last Supper. I actually think it is one of my favorites for the entire year. The girls and I still need to go to reconciliation so we will do that on Thursday right before Mass. Friday we will attend the Veneration of the Cross. Easter Vigil this year. We did that last year. As Father said this past weekend, everyone must attend at least one before they die! I think we will color our Easter eggs on Saturday and prepare for a glorious Easter Sunday!

    Wish we lived closer together!

  2. I love you preparations! Nearly there!

  3. AHA! So, I actually did look at this post yesterday then...didn't make it all the way through. So, going to check out that link! Thanks Sarah!

    (And autocorrect... Triduum not...sigh!) :)

  4. You are such a great Catholic homeschooling momma! Me? Oh I told my 10 year old that we couldn't go to Mass last night because we had too many little kids. #FAIL. But we're going tonight!! #MERCY


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