Monday, April 13, 2015

Spare A Few Prayers? {Prayer Request}

I know everyone's prayer lists are long if they are anything like mine. I just couldn't neglect to ask even more moms to pray for another mama who could use some extra prayer warriors.

We are a community of faithful, prayerful friends whom may never meet, but we are always bound in prayer. Last year, many of us prayed for Sarah and were drawn to help her family after her passing. Back when everyone was praying for Paul, he and his wife touched my heart and I couldn't stop praying. I didn't even know Paul, but it didn't matter. He and his family needed us and we rose to the occasion.

On Palm Sunday, I was alerted by an old NET teammate via Facebook that another teammate's wife needed our prayers. She was diagnosed with large B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma. More tests found out it was a more aggressive "triple hit" lymphomia, isolated in her abdominal area, consisting of a few tumors, with one of them being almost 10 cm.

Again, my heart is heavy and praying continually as Annie begins the long road ahead. She will need many treatments in the coming months that will include 6-8 days in the hospital every few weeks. She just began her first round of treatment last Friday. While Annie and Curt are not a part of my daily inner circle of friends and we mostly keep in touch at Christmas time, my heart will always be bound to my NET team. My heart cannot help but ache when one of them is in need and I must respond.

Curt and Annie are a wonderful couple with a young family of five children. They need their mom and Curt needs his wife. They are a beautiful faith-filled family who are bound to stay positive and will need to lean on the prayers of many to get them through this.

Will you please pray with me for Annie and her family? I'd appreciate it.

If you feel called to financially help out Annie's family, you can go to her GoFundMe site. If you'd like to follow Annie's journey, you can do so over at her Caring Bridge site.


  1. I will keep Annie in my prayers -- her trial makes life's daily struggles look like nothing, doesn't it?

  2. Praying for Annie. Praying for her family.

  3. We will be praying for them!

  4. Although I have only met Annie once and it was just his past summer at her SIL's bridal shower, I feel a strong connection to her. Probably because that is the exact same cancer I had 15 years. Not the triple hit part of it though, but the same type. I will be offering many prayers for them.

  5. Oh wow Sarah, this is terrible. Praying!!!!!!

  6. This just breaks my heart. Prayers for this family. It can happen to any of us. But like you said...those children need their mama! And what heart-ache for the husband.


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