Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What We Did Wednesday

There's nothing quite like scrambling to make a feast day special only to find that God had already laid the groundwork far in advance. 

Like when you wake up on the Annunciation, which also happens to be your husband's birthday.

I scrounge in the freezer and come across a box of frozen pastries we purchased from a school fundraiser.

Heck, sure, let's celebrate with those! Wait, what's that? These happen to be BLUEberry flavor. How preordained, since we always declare a BLUE day at our house when it's a Marian feast day. 

Let's be productive and grab a toddler to help whip up a cake this morning. Daddy's choice was a (boxed) Angel Food Cake. What's that? The ANGEL Gabriel appeared to Mary and it's called the Annunciation. 

TODAY's feast day. Interesting. 

Daddy decided to stay home with us today and take a vacation day from work. Which, if you are around here ever, you'd know that actually going to work is more of a vacation. None the less, he accomplished some more work in the basement bathroom. We tried to leave him alone as much as possible. Some of us doing better than others. I think he's like a magnet for the little girls when they know he's around. I don't blame them.

School time found the girls coloring Annunciation coloring pages. Gianna is suddenly a superstar colorist or whatever you call someone who colors. 

We also took the time to play a game and put together some puzzles.

Someone showing off her rather brightly colored Annunciation. 

Before lunch we got the cake frosted. Take about 8 oz Cool Whip and some thawed strawberry juice and mix together. Frost the Angel Food cake with the fluffy 'frosting' and put it in the freezer. 

Serve later with the thawed (and slightly sweetened) strawberries on top. A nice spring time cake and light enough to celebrate, but also remain Lenten. 

For lunch, God again inspired me when I read it was Waffle Day in Sweden today for "Our Lady's Day." Serve with BLUEberries and again, how can you go wrong?

Smile along with your kiddos who are looking especially ANGELic for your birthday shot. 

Lastly, grab a photo shoot with your lovely and the baby belly. 

We totally had this feast day and birthday down.

Even if I didn't have them all perfectly planned at 5:30 this morning. By this evening, we looked back with fondness on a great day to celebrate both Mary and our favorite Man of the House. 


  1. Oh my goodness, is that Miss Margaret helping with the cake? She's so beautiful and grown up I can't stand it! Happy birthday to Reed. I love that the birthday and the Feast were properly celebrated even without prior planning. Everything looked great!

  2. Isn't God good?!? Love how it all worked out for you! :-)

    We've got a dad out of town all week and a 10 month old with the stomach flu - needless to say, it was not all that festive around here today.

    Great picture of you two!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! What a fun day to celebrate at home with the family.

    Freeze an angel food cake????? For how long!!!!??? Eat it right away??!! Please please please can I get the recipe on your frozen angel food cake? if not too much trouble.

    Saw your little artist beautiful coloring and just had to post Ava's! This is my favorite kind of coloring where kids just do what they want and not worry about lines and what color needs to go where.

    Great job on celebrating the Feast Day!

    1. Christine,
      So super easy! I mentioned it in the post, but just a cheap box cake. Get the cake all cooled before frosting. Literally, like 8-10 oz of cool whip. I took out about 2 cups whole strawberries from freezer and let them thaw. I just eyeballed the strawberry juice and you can do more or less based on your tasting. Mix that juice in with the cool whip and frost the whole cake. I put it in the freezer by noon and we ate it around 6 pm. I think even a few hours is good for time. It's weird because while it's frozen, it has a unique fluffiness to it still. Like I said, kind of refreshing and light. After cutting the cake, put the thawed strawberries on to serve. Add more cool whip if desired.
      Super easy!!

  4. Look at that baby belly! So adorable!!

    This is a great post because I feel like I'm a fly on the wall seeing what's going on. What a fun way to celebrate feasts and birthdays!! I had to laugh because even if I scrounged in my freezer, I'd find some ice cubes. And in my pantry? Maybe a can of cream of chicken soup or some odd crackers (half gone and stale of course!! LOL)

    Wishing you a fruitful remainder of your lent, my friend!

  5. I love it all!!!
    But that happy Mommy with baby bump?!?
    My fave!!!!

  6. You and Baby look BEAUTIFUL! And bravo for not overthinking Our Blessed Mother's feast. (You didn't overthink it, I know. You let the grace of God just carry you.)

    We got to Mass and that was, um, it. ; )

  7. Oh, your baby belly is beautiful!!

    Love how much you did! We did nothing. I mentioned it, that's it.
    You are WAY ahead of me.

  8. A very belated congratulations on your happy baby news. Your mom told me right before you blogged it, so I've been looking for that bump. So beautiful!!


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