Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Taking the idea of Thursday Thoughts from Billie Jo because she's always full of inspiration over at her place.

Thinking About...

Gratitude: A 7 day Facebook Gratitude challenge turned into an enlightening week. When I was open to seeing things to be thankful for, even the smallest of daily tasks or events turned into inspiration.

I found that coming up with three things a day was quite easy. It's so obvious to find so many things and people to be grateful for each day. In turn, I also found reading what others put on their list fun to read and a joy to share the gratitude with them.

I think this is a challenge I want to keep up on. My latest thought was to keep a Gratitude Journal and daily list 2 or 3 items of gratitude. It will keep me grateful, but also serve as a reminder of the daily simplicity and God's blessings in my life. I know, it's not a new concept that an attitude of gratitude is a good idea, but somehow for me right now it seems like the perfect idea to keep in perspective.

Socialization: You know that's everyone's greatest fear when you tell them you homeschool. "What about socialization??" I'm finding now as the kids are getting older that I need to be more aware of it and set out to be socialized. We're still struggling here with a couple homeschool groups we've been a part of in our areas. One of them, the people dropped off the face of the earth and did just about nothing for group activities the last two years. The other group we just joined last year, but still haven't found our fit there. 

I don't want my kids to be the socially awkward children. I want them to be comfortable and confident with other kids and in groups. Believe it or not, homeschool groups still have cliques that are tough to break. Being that we live where we do, it's tough for me to make the effort in the middle of winter to drive many miles to make these social connections. Being an introvert who enjoys days at home, it moves me out of my comfort zone to be social in a group where I am not at ease. It makes it even more important to do that for the opportunities it will bring my kids. 

As we settle into our new school year, I'm trying to be intentional about getting things on the calendar like field trips and outings to get my kids out and about. I know it will be a good thing to work harder at this to make it happen, but it sure is going to require me to stretch a bit too.

Happy Thursday, my friends!


  1. I love that you are being so deliberate in getting social things for your kids to do. It will be great for you all to get out and get a break, but don't feel like you won't have "normal" kids even if they are a bit socially awkward. All my kids are in school and sports and can still be socially awkward :)

  2. Amen, amen, amen. Our children constantly stretch us beyond our comfort zone, and yes, I think we should let them sometimes. Some moms do not let them and they do just stay at home, and yes their kids can seem out of place. Even if you are intentional about getting out they can still seem out of place (as we have recently discovered). Some kids socialize easily and others don't. For those others, this is a skill that may have to be taught and learned - it does not always come naturally.

    Be brave, be persevering, and know I am rooting for you!

  3. Loving this, Sarah!
    Love your thoughts, which are very similar to my own. Surprise, right?
    It is my challenge to provide Flynn with socialization with kids her own age.
    And it is a challenge for this homebody.
    Rhett has friends he spends time with, Peyton is her mother through and through,and prefers to spend time with her books. And Madison...Just Got Her Drivers License!!!! Sooo, yah.
    Anyway, I shall look to you for guidance and inspiration.
    If only you live next door. Problem solved.

  4. I thoroughly enjoy the thankful posts on FB each day. And I am going to do the suggestion you gave me, keep a journal of it all. Another blessing that unfolds from this thankful wave rolling across FB right now.

    Homeschool groups. I never take advantage of the tremendous blessing we have through our homeschool group. Praise God! I sympathize with your situation and pray things are more active for you this year. You are an amazing HS mama!!


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