Monday, September 8, 2014

Girl With Scissors

Alternately titled "It Was Bound To Happen."

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

The other week my toddlers both held the small safety scissors during school time for the very first time. Impressed by their new found tool, Gianna especially, spent some time cutting away at scraps of paper. As a mother/teacher would, I explained the safety rules of scissors, how they should only be used while adults are present and we only use them for cutting paper.

I neglected the part about 'stay out of your older sister's room where you may find a stray scissors on her desk on any given day as she's always busy crafting.' 

Fast forward, a couple days later.

It was Saturday and I was in the bathroom getting ready for my day when I hear the 3 yo tromping up the stairs. She burst in and with a chipperness declared:

"I wanted my hair to be just like Elsa's!" (we later figured out that she meant Anna's)

My heart sunk as I spun her around and found this:

Well, she kinda looks like Anna...

I mean, she's got the side swept bangs thing going on. Sorta.

And still, I don't think there's been a whole lot of remorse on her part as she swings around her shortened mullet.

I've kept it as-is even though I was tempted to give the rest of her hair a shorter bob cut. For now, my solution is pulling it back as often as I can and pray that it grows quickly.

She likes it because now she thinks she looks like Wildstyle:

Oh boy.

On the flip side, she now as her Halloween costume all decided based on her hair.


  1. Oh my friend!!!!
    Will you hate me if I say she looks adorable!?!?
    And so proud of herself!
    And I must say, she may have a career ahead of her, because she did a darn good job of making it look like Anna. : )
    On a serious note, once again I find inspiration in your patient, loving mothering.
    Have a blessed week, my friend!

  2. I actually think that the fact she was able to recreate something like side-swept bangs at ALL is pretty talented for 3. We haven't started scissors yet and this post isn't selling me on it, but I can learn from your love and patience so maybe it is time to start.

  3. I agree with Madeline, that is some great work. I was expecting to see a haphazard chop line across her forehead or something. :) I know though, I am sure it is still nerve-wracking for you and I am just imagining Elizabeth snipping off some of her curls and just the thought of it makes me want to cry and ban scissors from this household until she is 10 or 12. :)

  4. Oh, my goodness!! She actually did a really good job!! It could have been much much shorter, right?

    Love how proud she is of it....adorable!!

  5. I think a bob would look just so adorable on her! This stuff happens...I think it is cute....on someone elses kid.ha!


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