Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day....Eighth Year

We're off and running for another year. We've started school and were ready to get back and settled into the routine. Or at least I am. I had to do some counting on my fingers the other day when I recounted the years and realized it's our 8th year already.

I learned a couple years ago that starting school as a gradual process works far better than jumping into all subjects right away. Once again, this year we'll have a couple weeks of several subjects/review and then get into full class load. It helps with the system shock for everyone.

We've made it a tradition that the students get a little first day treat. I thought I was being clever with the cookies, until a student reminded me that I'd done it last year. Oh well, I guess we'll call it a tradition now.

The big kids each also received a small Lego set (spoiled, I know) and the little students a coloring book and notebook.

They all seemed pleased.

(Smart Cookie and other first day of school printables are over here)

Everyone was diligent in their work and the little distractions toddlers, were content with building, creating, coloring and the general concept of "school" in their eyes.

I know we all say it, but the years sure are flying!

A SIXTH grader....

And a FOURTH grader!

(First Day 2014-2015 printable chalkboard signs are seen here)

This is going to be some year. Perhaps our best yet.

I'll keep remaining hopeful and optimistic.


  1. I love the first day of school treats! You are such a thoughtful momma :)

  2. They just keep getting bigger and bigger. Happy first day of school Lily and Jonah!

  3. Hooray for the first day of school in your awesome academy, Sarah!
    You have the most darling students! : )

  4. It WILL be your best! You have some heavenly angels watching over y'all and cheering. Abundant blessings for students and teacher (and principal!)

  5. I love that cookie idea...just might steal it...cause this mama didnt do anything cool like that this year. I am still a little traumatized at sending my first born off to college. years do go by fast!

  6. Looks like a great start!!! That picture of Jonah, outside by the tree? Awesome!! That one should be framed! Wish my kids would smile like that!

    I didn't do special things for the kids...did the refrigerated cookie dough to bake cookies, that's it. We didn't even do the "orange you glad school started?" orange pop w/ice cream treats....

    Yep. I"m the loser mom.
    Oh, well.
    And Legos? If I gave them Legos on the first day of school, they would not even be able to concentrate enough to write their names! Haha!

    Awesome mama award goes to you!!


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